All About Sagittarius


Co-Ruler of the Sacral Chakra, Sacral, Orange as Jupiter

Fire Element

Yang Energy – Fire and Air come to you, its assertive energy.

Planet Jupiter

Sagittarius - Planet JupiterKnight of Wands (Fire in Tarot)

Body Part: Hips & Thighs

Sagittarius - Body Part Hips & Thighs

Tarot: Knight of Wands (Fire)

Sagittarius - Tarot - Knight of Wands (Fire)

Sagittarius Animals

Sagittarius Animals Traditional Centaur

(Great Thinker and has Animal Spirit)

Sagittarius Animals Australian Kangaroo

(jumps big)

Sagittarius Animals Australian Kangaroo

Aquarius Animals Native American Owl

(“wise owl”)

Sagittarius Animals Native American Owl2


Sagittarius Animals Chinese Rat


Sagittarius Animals Chinese Rat

Guru & Teacher

Writing Laws

Sagittarius – Wise

Sagittarius – Carefree

Sagittarius – Clumsy






When You Shoot An Arrow You Go And See Where It Landed



Sagittarius – Wise

Sagittarius – Lawyer/Writing Laws

Sun (indigo) in Sagittarius (horse)

Moon (indigo/planet) in Sagittarius (horse)

Mercury (blue) in Sagittarius (horse)

Venus (green) in Sagittarius (horse)

Mars (yellow) in Sagittarius (horse)

Jupiter (orange) in Sagittarius (horse)

Saturn (red) in Sagittarius (horse)

Rahu (ghostly) in Sagittarius (horse)


Ketu (separation) in Sagittarius (horse)

Sagittarius (centaur) in 1st House (aggression)

Sagittarius in 2nd House

Sagittarius in 3rd House

Sagittarius (centaur) in 4th House (family)

Sagittarius (centaur) in 5th House (performing)

Sagittarius in 6th House

Sagittarius in 7th House

Sagittarius (horse) in 8th house (magic)

Sagittarius in 9th House

Sagittarius in 10th House

Sagittarius in 11th House

Sagittarius in 12th House

Siren Watcher

You are the epitome of awesome! Astrology is meant to corroborate what you already know. You are born to be yourself! Enjoy each part of you. Enjoy who you are! Astrology gives you the ability to see how similar, and how unique, you are in the crowd :).