Are You Attracted To Them? Part 3 and 4: Venus and Jupiter

Sun is important because it’s your happiness, your soul and your strength.

It is also romance, which is why its used so much in compatibility.

Venus symbolises the love bond, like marriage, the “joining connection” of partnership and marriage.

The sun symbolises the courtship, the getting to know someone. The right kind of creating happiness to lead to a relationship.

Jupiter represents the ability to be a teacher and student in the role of a husband. To provide wealth and wisdom.

Ok so there are four main types of relationships… girl to girl, girl to guy, girl to guy and guy to guy… Enjoy!

The colours below are chakras/nerve clusters.

Girl to Girl [Female Friends and/or Lesbians]

Compatibility [Simple Images] Girl to Girl (Wife and Female Friends)So girl to girl, is for female friends and wives (so if a lady and lady gets married as well as for friendship). So, its joining with happiness. So its like… jupiter/husband = wealth and venus/wife = what you buy. If you see there what i mean with joining. Venus obtains possessions, such as land, cars, luxury, art,music, etc. So when a female is the right placement to boost you, ie, the same placement as the sun, it boosts what makes you happiest. If it was… say Venus pointing towards (the same constellation/sign as) the moon, it would be joining you with what you think about, or pointing towards mars, joining you with self esteem.

Girl to Guy [Wife to Husband]

Compatibility [Simple Images] Girl to Guy [Husband]So in terms of Husband, you are given strength in luck, wisdom, spirituality, connection to god, wealth, etc.

So jupiter represents sexual feeling, ie, spiritually connecting to someone elses feelings. Bringing you to your oneness through your great expansive orange waters within you :)

Girl to Guy [Girl to Male Friends]

Compatibility [Simple Images] Girl to Guy (Male Friends)When you are a girl and you are hanging out with guys that are “good for you” as in male friends, they boost your power, self esteem and ability to protect yourself and they protect you too as your warriors/brothers. Because they are connecting their “strength” which is another word that can fit where happiness is, to your power chakra. The key is to fill it with the right energy. So for example, if mars/yellow is in pisces, which is a water sign, then male water signs are drawn into the persons life as male friends. So say if a man has sun in pisces it would given a woman a 100% power boost, but other water signs will still give an 80% boost because of elemental similarity (water signs).

Guy to Guy [Gay Husbands]

[Mars to Sun]

[Sun to Mars]

[Being Re-Written].

See; Here :).

Sun to Sun Compatibility [Friendship]

Compatibility [Simple Images] Sun to Sun (Friendship)Sun to Sun compatibility represents Friendship. On the image you could replace Happiness with Close Friends, its Venus who represents Wife and Women, Mars who represents Sexual Partners and Men, and Jupiter who represents Husbands and Gurus.

So… if you are looking for Sun to Sun compatibility, such as Sagittarius is compatible with Aries. This is true. But only as friends, as the sun doesn’t represent anything more than the courtship. You need the other planets in your body. You are not just the Sun! :)

But so the reason you could be specifically pulled sexually or spiritually towards a person of the same element/sun compatibility, is because you have venus, mars or jupiter in their sign or house. Ie, if you have Jupiter in Taurus in the 1st house, your husband will be a mix of taurus and aries. Therefore you will be extra inclined towards a sign already considered as friendship.

(c) Watcher, S, 2014. Compatibility [Simple Images]. www.freesiderealastrology, Australia.


Siren Watcher

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