Astrology Basics

Part 1 Kundalini

Part 2 Yin Yang

Part 3 Qualities

Part 4 Elements

Part 5 Sexes

Why they are useful

Part 1: Colours

KundaliniFree Sidereal astrology colours kundalini

Third Eye = Sun/Moon [either side of leaf/brain]

Throat = Mercury

Heart = Venus

Solar Plexus = Mars

Sacral = Jupiter

Root = Saturn


Venus in Scorpio [Mars] means that your possessions [Venus] will be Yellow/ Black [Mars + Part 2].

Part 2: The Duality and Oneness

Feminine and Masculine [Yin and Yang]

Yang = External [White].

Yin = Internal [Black].

Free Sidereal Astrology Yin Yang


Sun in Sagittarius, means Soul [Sun] is Extroverted [White].

Moon in Virgo, means Mind [Moon] is Introverted [Black].

Part 3: The Triangle


Fire = Action.

Free Sidereal astrology Fire

Earth = Material.

FreeSiderealastrologyEarth 3

Air = People.

FreeSiderealastrologyAir 3

Water = Feeling.

Free Sidereal astrology Water


Mars in Pisces in 11th = Aggression is to do with Feelings [Pisces] in People [11th].

Saturn in Sagittarius in 8th = Stability is to do with Action [Sagittarius] in Feelings[8th].

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Part 4: The Square


Fixed: Static.

FreeSiderealastrologyFixed 3

Cardinal: Change.

FreeSiderealastrologyCardinal 3

Mutable: Flexible.

Free Sidereal astrology Mutable

Example of Differences [using Earth tier]:

Mercury in Capricorn = Throat makes Change [Cardinal].

Jupiter in Taurus = Wisdom is Static [Fixed].

Moon in Virgo = Mind is Flexible [Mutable].

Furthering Example:

Mercury in Capricorn = Throat [Mercury] is Material [Earth] and makes Change [Cardinal].

Jupiter in Taurus = Wisdom [Jupiter] is Material [Earth] and is Static [Fixed].

Moon in Virgo = Mind [Moon] is Material [Earth] and is Flexible [Mutable].

You can see that all the signs with each element are different in deviation. Once you make both the square and triangle individualisations :).

Longer Example:

Mercury in Capricorn in 9th House = Throat [Mercury] is Material [Earth], makes Change [Cardinal/Capricorn] and is Flexible [Mutable/9th].

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Part 5: The Sexes

Feminine and Masculine

Sun: Male [Leo/5th]

Mars: Male [Aries/Scorpio/1st/8th]

Jupiter: Male [Sagittarius/Pisces/9th/12th]

Free Sidereal astrology Male

Moon: Female [Cancer/4th]

Venus: Female [Taurus/Libra/2nd/7th]

Free Sidereal astrology female

Mercury: No Sex [Gemini/Virgo/3rd/6th]

Saturn: No Sex[Capricorn/Aquarius/10th/11th]

Free Sidereal astrology no sex

Rahu: Demon

Ketu: Demon

Example using Persona:

Sun in Sagittarius in 8th House: Soul is Male [Sagittarius] in Male [8th].

Moon in Virgo in 5th House: Mind is No Sex [Virgo] in Male [5th]

Ascendant in Aries: Body is Male [Aries]

Atma Karaka is Mars in Pisces in 11th House: Atma Karaka is Male [Pisces] in 11th House [No Sex].

In this example, the Persona is 5 parts Male and 2 parts No Sex and 0 parts Female.

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All these parts can be very useful to you.

Part 1:

This is useful for working out why some parts of your life can struggle.

If you look up chakras [eastern name] or nerve clusters [western scientific term], you will find that when they talk about “problems” in these areas.

If you realise you have them, it can be a problem with what is happening within that planet or signs or houses located in that energy center.

Say if you have a combust, retrograde planet, debilitated, or weak planet/sign/house related to that chakra.

Example; Orange Chakra: jupiter retrograde/combust/debilitated/weak position, weak planet in jupiter sign/house, malefic planet aspecting the 9th/12th, malefic planet weak in sagittarius or pisces, combust/retrograde planet in sign/house, etc etc.

You may find you need to put more energy into “that chakras things” to help balance that area of your life. Ie, listen to music with sacral tones more regularly. Wear more orange, eat more orange foods, do more orange activites, etc etc.

It can be great advice to on the basic level, follow these colour codes for working out how to “help” a planet or part of you that is struggling.

For example for how it can work. Rahu (obsession) in aquarius (red) in 10th house (red). You may have an over abundance of red things in your life. Unbalancing the chakra and creating problems in the body. As you are over-consuming that region/area of life.

This website has great images for looking at the sounds you can listen to, ie, leo and cancer/moon and sun are Notes “A” and “Bb” on a spectrum. So you can try and get music with an abundance of those tones. Or devices like pianos, singing bowls, etc with those tones specifically built in. A simple youtube search is likely to give you a decent music focusing on that tone. If you hear a noise, that you can’t stand. In one of these tones, you must work out why.

In terms of the website, the crown images, are not linked to the planets. It is “beyond”. It is the conglomeration. If all ur lower chakras are balanced, it will open the crown.

Part 2:

Knowing whether your planets are external or internal allows you to better understand what they need to be healthy. Ie, if you have a planet that prefers external positions, in an internal position, you will know that planet struggles a bit. Though needs to learn to be internal this lifetime, and you need to respect that part of you.

Ie, removing what you know about other people, and seeing what is considered traditional. To look and focus on what you need yourself.

Example; If you work out that a person has a pre-dominant amount of planets being “internal” you will know that person is more passive and reserved due to all the yin influence. This is the same as your planets, each planet is a person within you and you need to treat them how they are, rather than how society expects them to act traditionally.

Example; Say you work out as a man that your Venus is in a yang sign and house, this will mean your wife will most likely be outgoing. This allows you to possibly better see in the external how you act when you like a woman (you act like your venus) and what your wife may act like (she will be outgoing).

Part 3:

Elements can be good in knowing what kinds of things you need in your environment. Ie, anything in earth, needs material things to be okay.

Example; If you have moon in virgo, you need material things to be calm [moon]. If you have moon in gemini, you need people to be calm [moon]. Your ability to understand what each planet needs for its actualisation is useful. If you have mars in pisces, to feel powerful [mars] you need feelings. Etc etc.

Part 4:

Elements can be good in knowing where you sit in who you are.

Knowing a planet likes to remain static can help you from knowing how much pressure to put on it to move suddenly. A fixed planet needs to do things slow.

Knowing a planet is cardinal, means that you need to allow it to change things often. Ie, if you have your 4th lord in a cardinal sign, it will seek to change the home, or things in the home, often to be satisfied.

Knowing a planet is mutable, means you have to allow it remain fixed for a period of time, then allow it to be cardinal for a period of time. Like, a ticking clock, in which one side has an action on one side. And on the other side it has another action. On one side, it only does one thing, on the other side, it might do 3 things in that same tick movement. Knowing the planet balances itself like that is nice. Also knowing that it can “be flexible to be both” if a situation calls for it is good to. If it is in an environment that needs to be fixed for a period, it will adapt. If there is a need to be cardinal and make change, it will do that for a period. But you must allow it to be both sides and not one forever :).

It also gives you an ability to be more detailed in your understanding of part 3. Saying you are element is nice, knowing why everyone in the element acts differently towards that thing makes you understand the roles.

Example, within water, all the earth signs like feelings. Each one though, will “use” the feelings differently. Fixed will feel uphold the emotions for longer periods of time, cardinal will make change with the emotions, and mutable will do both depending on a range of influences. Knowing these things allows you to know why. For example, Scorpio/Fixed water, will go through “fixed emotions” where they “fall very deep” because the emotion is fixed for so long allowing them to delve deeper into the experience of them. Cancer may have a feeling about someone and go out and help that person because they seek to “change” situations. Pisces, being mutable, will “swim with the currents”. Allowing it to be fixed when it needs and then cardinal when it need, changing its emotions and then having fixed periods of time with an emotion, and then switch again.

Part 5:

Sexes are incredibly important.

Example; Venus (womanhood) in Scorpio (battle), it means your ability to act feminine (as a woman) comes out masculine (as a warrior) :). Knowing these things is incredibly important. Moon (mothering) in 5th (masculine), as a mother/feminine you will be fathering/masculine. Jupiter (guru) in Taurus (patience), your sense of being a husband/your husband (masculine) is feminine (venus). Its interesting on how you see the external people in your life also.

Ie, you wont expect, as a male with venus in scorpio, for your wife to be super feminine and adhere to as many gender stereotypes. Ie, your wife may like boxing and fixing cars, which are traditionally seen as things accentuated in men. This is not a bad thing, as a woman with this position, you may find you are more masculine when around other women. As venus is activated by women. Whereas jupiter in taurus, will mean you husband may be good at things like cooking and like flowers, which is normally accentuated in women.

It allows you, knowing this, not to “freak out” and try to conform to gender norms in your culture. In university teachings about culture, “gender” is the word for “what society tells you that your gender is” and “sex” is the word used for physical things. Like, the genitals and hormones in the body, etc. So, in this sense, you can understand you are totally individualistic in terms of gender. What society “may” inform you, may be totally wrong for you in this lifetime. Its ok for those guidelines to be there for an approximation, ie, men need to be strong, women need to understand their beauty. Though as you can see from doing your own placements, you are not just a “default”. You are unique… the more u see, the more u can stop trying to conform to what may hurt you to be. Ie, if your manhood (mars) is in a feminine placement, feel good that is who you are. You are not meant to be some default perception. You are an individual. Enjoy it :).

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