Celebrity Sanji (One Piece) Sidereal Astrology Reading Actors

Celebrity Sanji (One Piece) Sidereal Astrology Reading Actors

Sun in Aquarius

Strength in Shins and Calves.


Moon in Sagittarius

Thoughts in Flirting.

Emotions in Explorer.

Understanding in Fire.

(fire leg)

Mercury in Aquarius

Communication in Intelligence.


Venus in Aquarius

Love in Air.

Love in Reality.

(Always in love)

Love in Originality.

(Original Cooking)

Mars in Capricorn

Drive in Determination.

(determined to save nami)

Power in Reality.

(everyday strength)

Jupiter in Taurus

Wisdom in Food.


Expansion in Gourmet.

(fine food, ie, salt)

Knowledge in Women.

(never hit a lady)

Spirituality in Beauty.

(beauty in women)

Saturn in Gemini

Obstacles in Multiple Women.

Stability in Air.

Grounding in Speed.

Rahu in Pisces

Addiction in Drugs.


Obsession in The Sea.

(all blue)

Consumption in Pirates.

(pirate chef)

Huge Psychic Power

Ketu in Virgo

Separation from Details.

(doesnt notice when girls dont like him).

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