Get Your Own Sidereal Astrology Reading Guide

Step 1:

Get all your information.


Birthday/Date of Birth.

Birthplace/Town, State and Country of Birth.

Birth Time/ Where to Find your Birth Time?

Step 2:

Learn a bit about the history of astrology.

Sidereal Astrology Introduction Page

Sidereal Astrology Comparisons to Tropical Astrology

Precession of the Equinox

A Quick Beginnings of Astrology

Why are the Constellations chosen?

What’s Your Signs Names?

The Evolution of Astrology

Pictures of Zodiacs from all over the World

Step 3:

Get your Chart! :-D

How To Get Your Own Free Sidereal Astrology Chart From

How To Use and Make Free “Zet 9 Lite Program” Sidereal Chart Astrology Reading

Chart difference between knowing Birth Time, or Without Time

Step 4:

Learn about the Ayanamsa, Planets, Signs, Houses, Nakshatras and Lords.

Why Do You Like Astrology?

The Five Types of Astrology

Specific Maths System Used (Ayanamsa)

Meaning: Planets (These are the Parts of You)

Planets [Simple Images]

All About Planets

Meaning: Houses (These are the Habitats in which the Planets/Parts live)

Signs and Houses (These are how the Planets/Parts Express Themselves)

All About Nakshatras

All About Padas

Meanings: Lords

Step 5:

Read up about all the parts of yourself!!!

The Grid: Your Makeup of Over 300,000 Variations

What Is My Personality In Astrology?











Rahu (North Node)

Ketu (South Node)




Major Planets

Sun in Signs/ Sun in Houses

Sun/Moon in Signs Combinations

Moon in Signs/ Moon in Houses

Ascendant in Signs

Descendant in Signs

Ascendant/ Descendant Combinations

Mercury in Signs/ Mercury in Houses

Venus in Signs/ Venus in Houses

Venus for Sexuality

Mars in Signs/ Mars in Houses

Mars for Sexuality

Jupiter in Signs/ Jupiter in Houses

Saturn in Signs/ Saturn in Houses

Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) Combinations

Rahu (North Node) in Signs/ Rahu (North Node) in Houses

Ketu (South Node) in Signs/ Ketu (South Node) in Houses

Minor Planets

Uranus in Signs/ Uranus in Houses

Neptune in Signs/ Neptune in Houses

Pluto in Signs/ Pluto in Houses

Ceres in Signs/ Ceres in Houses

Chiron in Signs/ Chiron in Houses

Imum Coeli in Signs

Midheaven in Signs

Extra Videos:

Exaltation and Debilitation

High Sex Drive

Confused Mind Foreign Settlement

Combust Planets




How to Find Your Wife

How to Find Your Husband

Step 6:

Should you want to research more :)

Why do Tropical Readings Sometimes Fit?

Western Sidereal Astrology Apps

Astrology Books I Recommend (and own myself)

How-To-Use Ephemeris (to see where planets are day-to-day)

A Calender for 2015 Sidereal Zodiac (will finish updating soon)

Step 7:

Learn about your compatibility!

Love and Romance

Are You Attracted To Them? Part 1: Ascendant Compatibility

Are You Attracted To Them? Part 2: Passion

Are You Attracted To Them? Part 3 and 4: Venus and Jupiter


What Kind of a Woman are You?

What Kind of a Man are You?

What Does Your Heart Say About Your Car?

How To Use Your Astrology in Day to Day Life to Help You [Daily Astrology]

What’s Your House Style?

Step 8:

Learn about other things you may have!

Similarities and Differences between the Signs

Signs And Houses That Give Psychic Potential

Planets That Give You Strong Psychic Potentials

Psychic Smell: What Scent Do You Release?

What Psychic Powers Manifest As In Each Person [Updating]

Sidereal Full/New Moon Lunar Phases

Crystals via Zodiac Signs

Astrology for Healing

Yogas (Alignment of Planets)

Astrology for Health

Step 9:

Learn deeper about some interesting twists to you :)

Are You Male or Female This Lifetime?

A Quick Divisional Charts

How to do a Hora Chart

How to; Navamsa Chart

How to; Moon/ Chandra Chart

Step 10:

Learn a little about the time net (and jaimini) which governs reality XD

How Dasha Time Periods Work

Dasha Time Periods [Simple Images]

What Does Each of Your Planet Represent? (Quick Jaimini Karakas)

Strongest Planet Placements (Sthanabala)

How Strong Are Your Planets?


Celebrity Horoscopes

Step 11:

Learn that your planet is not stand-alone. Learn about how its influenced and how its changed:

Who Influences Each Other: House Aspects

Your Bad Guys by Ascendant

How Do You Choose Your Friends?

Fears: What They Mean and How They Affect You

Planets: Who Helps and Who Hinders?

Sidereal Astrology Events and Questions

Zodiac Comics (

Step 12:

Learn some fun stuff!

What Shape Face Do You Have?

How to Improve Your Energy and Strength

What Time of Day Are You Most Powerful?

How Fast Is Your Time?

What’s Your Sign’s Nature?

Rahu and Ketu: The Human Experience

Astrology and Chakras for Guys

Astrology in Psychology

Biological Perspectives in Astrology

Signs via Life Role

What Weather Are You Best Suited For?

Chinese Astrology’s Four Tier Astrology

Articles on News


Explore other sites and articles!

The Differences Between Western and Vedic Astrology

How To Make A Sign Love You (Videos)

Crystals and Astrology

Category to Buy Crystals on Ebay

Category to Buy Crystals on Ebay

Musical and Artistic Talent in an Astrological Chart

Lunar Planner





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