How Strong Are Your Planets?

Astrology Lesson 11: Planetary Strength in Astrology and Vedic Astrology


0 – 0.9 Degrees= Problems during early age but after the age of 32 they become mature. As a baby you cant really learn anything.

Any planet is lost here, planet is felt to be sleeping.


1 – 5 Degrees = Agile, Energetic, Player and Wants to Learn Everything.

Mercury and Moon do their best here because Mercury is a player and when young emotions (Moon) don’t hurt as much. You can take information in better (Mercury is Intelligence) and you are unlikely to be depressed when young (Moon is Emotions).


6 – 17 Degrees= More serious approach to life.

Venus and Mars do their best here.

Mars has that mature soldier mentality (rather than getting in unnecessary fights) and Venus likes true romance which happens with adults rather than teenagers.


18 – 23 Degrees = More serious than fun. Concentrates on work that needs to be done.

Sun, Saturn and Jupiter do their best here because they like to be leaders/in charge.


24 – 29.9 Degrees = Powerless. Too old to give you any benefic or negative aspect. So the planet is ready to die.

Rahu and Ketu do their best here because when planets are old they are powerless and you would like the Malefic nature of Rahu and Ketu to be powerless. So they cant give you as much negative effect.

As Rahu/Ketu go retrograde always they go from old to young because they move backwards.


Sun in 15.7′ = Adult, soul is serious.

Moon in 4’18 = Young/Teenager, mind is energetic.

Mercury in 1’3 = Young/Teenager, voice is energetic.

Venus in 21’56 = Mature, love has concentration.

Mars in 25’41 = Old, energy is less negative.

Jupiter in 3’14 = Young/Teenager, knowledge is energetic.

Saturn in 11’46 = Adult, stability is serious.

Rahu in 13’0 = Adult, obsession is serious.

Ketu in 13’0 = Adult, enlightenment is serious.

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