How to do Divisional Charts Free

Part 1: How To Use and Make Free “Zet 9 Program”

Part 2: How to do Divisional Charts Free

Settings > Chart Settings

> Fourth tab.
> Zodiac > Sidereal
> Sidereal Ayanamsa > Krishnamurti
> Harmonic Chart, press the >>


D1 Rasi
D2 Hora
D3 Drekkana
D4 Chaturthamsa
D7 Saptamsa
D9 Navamsa
D10 Dasamsa
D12 Dwadasamsa
D16 Shodasamsa
D20 Vimsamsa
D24 Siddhamsa
D27 Nakshatramsa
D30 Trimsamsa
D40 Khavedamsa
D45 Akshavedamsa
D60 Shashtyamsa

Square or Circle Chart:

Settings > Chart Settings
Second Tab [W] > Mode
Traditional Chart > dropdown menu
> Untick = Circle
> Tick = choose, South Indian Regular = Square
> Tick = choose, North Indian (diamond chart) = Square


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