Imum Coeli in Leo – 4th House Lord Leo

Imum Coeli in Leo - 4th House Lord Leo
Imum Coeli in Leo

IC in Leo: a place where you can go to parties and celebrate, maybe show off with your new outfits or accessories.

Leo Ruling the Fourth House

Leo is a Fire Sign overlaying a Water House, so individuals with this Sign/House combination will rely on creativity and performing as their way to engage with family and process their innermost feelings. They want to enjoy and be enjoyed by their family. Positively, they are the creative ones in the family, the entertainers. Negatively, they can tend towards narcissism and a constant need for attention. Leo 4th House individuals will prefer to engage creatively, gather for special occasions and events, and make the family a center of attention in some way throughout their lives. Their innermost feelings process through their need to be appreciated, which can drive them to excel.


Playlist of 4th House Lord’s locations in each House

1: Check which Planet is ruling the 4th House.

2: Open this playlist and scroll down a little till you find 4th Lord in the ___ House where your 4th Lord planet is located in your Birth Chart.


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