Imum Coeli in Pisces – 4th House Lord Pisces

Imum Coeli in Pisces - 4th House Lord Pisces
Imum Coeli in Pisces

IC in Pisces: a small lake with a little house and the loved-ones around you, candles and campfire in the evening and late swims are recommended…


Pisces Ruling the Fourth House

Pisces is a Water Sign overlaying a Water House, so individuals with the Sign/House combination prefer to use intuition, imagination, and sensitivity to be part of a family and explore their innermost feelings. They want to understand the spiritual nature of their family and their role in the family. Positively, they are the dreamers of the family, the priest or priestess. Negatively, they can be lost or delusional regarding the reality of their family. Pisces 4th House individuals will prefer to see family as the bridge to connections with all humanity. Their innermost feelings process through their hearts, in dreams and visions that get first encountered and explored at home.


Playlist of 4th House Lord’s locations in each House

1: Check which Planet is ruling the 4th House.

2: Open this playlist and scroll down a little till you find 4th Lord in the ___ House where your 4th Lord planet is located in your Birth Chart.


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