Ketu in Libra – South Node in Libra (7)

Ketu in Libra – South Node in Libra:

Ketu in Libra - South Node in Libra Free Sidereal Astrology Vedic Jyotish Zodiac Star Signs Constellations

We might become so embroiled in the drama of “the other” that we are continuously in and out of relationships with barely any breathing time in between. It is easy to lose one’s individuality with the South Node in Libra. We are able to attract others with our good looks and charming smile, but unless we get to the North Node and learn some boundaries and who we really are, a lasting relationship could elude us. The South Node in Libra gives an instinctive knowledge of how to attract, but fantasies of perfection impede the real work of developing the guts needed for long term commitment. We might experience several marriages before it dawns on us that we need to cultivate a consistent identity. (Source).

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