Ketu in Taurus – South Node in Taurus (2)

Ketu in Taurus – South Node in Taurus:

Ketu in Taurus - South Node in Taurus Free Sidereal Astrology Vedic Jyotish Zodiac Star Signs Constellations

Money problems, dissatisfaction with our income, and/or working conditions may be hiding issues of addiction or an inordinate desire to acquire more as if it would help us be more. Balance and control through using Venus’s aesthetic talents to either create or patronize the arts, to be satisfied with less by choosing wisely, and cultivating perservence when restless will allow us to build something lasting. Satisfaction comes from loyalty to the self and from living from the guts of honest self-appraisal. Once we see where we are, we have a chance to grow into what we want to be. (Source).

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