The Difference Between Love and Romance

There is two distinct differences between love and romance. That different planets rule them, and that they are actually two different increments of timing.

Venus is Love, which is to feel tender affection or ongoing for someone. Love is that deep feeling we get when we know someone loves us unconditionally with no strings attached.

Sun is Romance, which is the courtship process in which the person or the relationship is idealized. Romance is the small but important things we do for each other everyday in our relationship. Romance is the base where love grows and blossoms from. The honeymoon Period. The creative things you think up to win over the object of your affection.


Venus is split into two parts: Taurus: The love of possessions and Libra: The love of people. So for every person, love can be seen as the love of either things or people, or both. Individually, how you love is dictated by the sign and house your Venus is placed in :).

Sun is only one part, Leo, which is Attention. So for every person, romance can therefore be understood as the giving and receiving of attention. The wooing of a person’s individual self. The “getting to know” of a person’s Soul. Wherever your Sun is individually placed is how you like to be romanced :).

However you give your attention or love is determined by these positions and so this is an example of what a sign/house might do to show you their romance or love (This is interchangeable with both Venus and Sun. So say Sun in 1st House/Venus in 1st House/Sun in Aries/Venus in Aries will have similarities :) Sun will rule over courtship and Venus rules over the joining :)):

1st/Aries: Action. Takes you to their favourite place; starts something with you.

2nd/Taurus: Possessions. Allows you to share their possessions; shows you what they see as wealth.

3rd/Gemini: Flirting. Allows you to share their messages; takes you on a short travel.

4th/Cancer: Caring. Shows you their home; provides you with comfort.

5th/Leo: Courage. Allows you to be included in their drama; creates something for you.

6th/Virgo: Perfection. Allows themselves to perfect you, make you your “best” self; allows you to connect with their small animals.

7th/Libra: Beauty. Tells you what their worth to you; becomes a partner with you in some way.

8th/Scorpio: Mystery. Heals you psychologically; expresses or shows something deep to you.

9th/Sagittarius: Wisdom. Takes you on an adventure; gives you wisdom.

10th/Capricorn: Determined. Shows you their work, includes you in the business; takes you into public.

11th/Aquarius: Friends. Allows you to be a part of their social circle; tells you there ideas.

12th/Pisces: Imagination. Shows you their expression of their imagination; takes you on a journey either physical or mental.


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