North Node in 3rd House

The universe is encouraging you to play up your North node sign traits in these areas of life.

Consider the following: allow yourself room for lots of new learning experiences.

Play up anything that relates to the communication of your ideas. Gather and share information as a continuous process of learning. Become an integral part of your immediate community and the neighbourhood you live in. Get yourself out and about.

Enjoy some new scenery by car, bus, train, bicycle or whatever appeals to you.

Stay in touch with and honour the relationship you have with relatives, such as aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, etc.

There is a need for the person to be integrated and accepted into the community. The individual is more likely to need the assistance of those that would provide the necessary contacts in the community. Alternatively, they may require help from brothers or sisters and contacts from the world of communication and travel.

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