Planets [Quick Images]

Each planet is pieces of string within you that vibrates [string theory].

Planets [Simple Images]

So each planet uses its pieces of string differently.

And then wherever it [planet] is placed [sign and house] determines what is traveling inside the strings.

Planets [Simple Images]

But so the strings on the outside always perform a duty, the internals determines the style of duty [such as, school or work being the string, the internals would the subject or profession].

[From bottom (literally your bottom) to top (the brain)].


Saturn “boxes” the string.

Makes it stable, the string is a string. Basic and useful.

The string moves every slowly to become reality.

Planets [Simple Images]


Jupiter “expands” the string.

Imagine the bottom of this image, as sitting on top of the cube from above, this is what you can imagine the expanding to be.

The base, reality, “branching”, so the string, as the bottom of the image, has now expanded out like branches on a tree.

Its the adventuring out of knowledge.

Planets [Simple Images]


Mars “severs’ the string.

So, if you look to the image above for a second, and see how many different strings at the top there is, you can imagine this could end up as a problem. In comes Mars! The man out to give you energy to go down each string, determine if you want to keep it, if not, he “severs” you from it.

Mars is your energy, your power, so his position determines how much energy you have.

The yin/yang severance of what you don’t need allows you to keep some energy available for new strings [like getting up the next morning].

Planets [Simple Images]


Venus “joins” the string.

Venus is the bringing in of the new things.

The connection of strings to other strings, the string to itself, the string to possessions, the string to cars, the string to people… etc etc etc… its the static energy that sticks to something else.

Planets [Simple Images]


Mercury “processes” the string.

Mercury is the speed, the messages, the information that the string gives.

Pure energy, ether.

The string that “communicates’.

Like the computer within your body that processes the data.

Planets [Simple Images]

Sun and Moon

So… sun and moon. The brain.

The fastest, the void, the sphere.

Sun, the left side of the brain, and moon, the right side of the brain.

[Either side of the third eye chakra’s leaves].

This is the chakra of the self and understanding.

This is the part of you that you believe you are.

“It ends… with you.”


Planets [Simple Images]


In the below image, you can see that there is two lots of light coming out of the brain.

The front [between the eyes] is the the sun/moon.

The top, the crown, is the accumulation of all the chakras streaming out your head and returning back into your base chakra.

Planets [Simple Images]

This chakra, as same as the torus, isn’t individualised, its the accumulation, so it is the entanglement of all planets :-D.

Planets [Simple Images]

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