Planets That Give You Strong Psychic Potentials


The Moon rules intuition.

The moon is your emotions and thoughts/ the right side of your brain, the random and imaginative side.

So when the moon enters the Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces/4th/8th/12th then it gives your brain strong intuition.


Jupiter (Great Benefic) planet is the biggest planet in the Solar System (besides the sun) and so when he is in Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces/4th/8th/12th then he gives “big benefit/luck” in the psychic areas of life. Water being the conduit for the psychic energy.

Rahu and Ketu

Rahu (The North Node) is Illusion/Magic = Co-ruler of Scorpio (if you know anything about scorpionic energy you know it sticks like black glue, and digs in, like its obsessed with whatever its stuck to, this is rahu’s influence over the sign. Whereas Mars’ influence is the revenge/aggression aspect, the inner war. Mars ruling aries as the outside physical war and scorpio as the inside psychological war).

And Ketu (The South Node) is Inbuilt Knowledge. It is your “past lives” and knowledge you get from birth. What you already know and are separated from learning about because you are to be focused on the “head”/Rahu/your obsession in this life/your future. Ketu being your past means that you already know about where he lands.

So if you have Rahu or Ketu in the Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces/4th/8th/12th than you are either obsessive or already know about it in this lifetime.


Saturn is career/time, the Great Malefic. The biggest negative planet. If he is in the Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces/4th/8th/12th he will give you the strongest psychic potential due to his “time” affect. Negative meaning, drawn out. Like he doesn’t give you things right away like a beneficial planet does, but makes you work for them. But he is the best planet to have in these areas because of the way he works. So when Saturn makes you work hard for something (he rules capricorn = work/aquarius = originality/inventive ideas) he lets you keep it. Where as the benefic planets dont put so much “time” into you and so it can be taken away by the turn of time.

Saturn will always let you keep what you have learnt/mastered in your skills because its a part of your career, the thing you spend your life working towards and doing. Time being what life is governed by, the base, the root chakra, so your base of life is psychic. To feel grounded/happy root chakra, you need to be able to use your psychic nature.

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