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“The placement of Sun in 9th house indicates a strong possibility of foreign or long distance travel. If the native is a female, she may meet a person of foreign residence during a trip abroad and later get hitched to him. Sun in 9th house also gives success, acclaim, and respect in a foreign place. There is a strong love for learning foreign language and cultures. Native may also become a religious leader due to inclination towards spirituality and virtuous deeds.”

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“If Sun is well-placed in the 9th house, it indicates being righteous, ethical, and motivated to perform good deeds.

After all, Sun is the planet of enthusiasm, passion, and vitality the placement of which in the 9th house increases passion to attain higher wisdom, religious blessings, and lead a righteous life.

One major signification of the Sun is also dignity and righteousness which in the given house creates a powerfully righteous person.

By powerfully righteous it is meant that they stand for truth valorously by not giving up when they are opposed with injustice or unrighteous behavior.

Individuals with dignified Sun in the 9th house are willing to bring sacrifices and spend the vitality of their soul for the sake of truth and justice.

It also means that these natives prosper along with others whom they enlighten or inspire. They are willing to give up their fortunes if they see others suffer. They can enjoy prosperity and abundance only when truth dominates at least their immediate environment.

Alternatively, if the Sun is undignified and damaged in the 9th house, it indicates being unfair and insincere which causes delays and hindrances in the spiritual path.

As a result of unethical and immature deeds, such natives are prompted to endure more struggles until lessons are learned.

It also creates an opportunist of fortune. That is the one, who uses circumstances for selfish benefits to gain various personal advantages.”

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“A person with Sun in the 9th house of the horoscope, seeks recognition through higher education, philosophy, law, culture, myths and foreign travel. The ninth house rules the search for universal truth and represents our expanding worldview. The Sun here feels most alive, and know that their life has meaning, only if they pursuing their quest for a more inclusive perspective on life.

The great questions of life and quest for meaning are a source of strength and power. Here we have an individual who is highly conscious of a larger pattern at work and this is how they make sense of the world, and if they are sharing what they discover with others on a similar path, they find a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. At heart they are not only an eternal student of life, but also an educator, and they enjoy teaching others about their inspiring visions and connection of different spheres of knowledge.

The ninth house is also connected to morality, law, religion, dogma, doctrine and spirituality, and is about broad ideas, visions and beliefs. With the Sun in the 9th house, enthusiasm, confidence and the joy of learning and spreading knowledge is important. This placement is also associated with organizational management and coaching skills. World travel, foreign cultures, and studies which expand their horizons and their understanding of the world, and it is likely that they will outgrow whatever values, beliefs and perceptions they acquired from their family and national background.

Other areas of interest may be publishing, writing, travel and languages or studies connected with human development. The individual needs to have meaning and purpose to their life. The ninth house is where we move beyond boundaries and expand our world perspective. This quest for meaning involves searching for answers to life that illuminate their sense of self. Identity is gained through understanding, which includes areas of higher education, philosophy and information technology.

The sense of exploration is fundamental, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. They have a philosophical turn of mind and are concerned with seeking answers to the big questions in life or getting an overview of any situation. Abstract concepts or plans for the future occupy them for most of the time.”

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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in 9th House

Sun in 9th House

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