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Aquarius Nakshatras

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“Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, expressing himself in an external way, in a masculine way.  The external nature of Saturn brings the awareness of time into existence.  Once we become aware of the enormity of time, boundaries, structures and limitations – when they become externalized –  we see how all of the qualities of smaller self must be let go of. We must concentrate on something bigger in order to grow something bigger in our lives.  Culture, politics, the sciences and other things that are much larger than our individual needs and much longer than our individual lifetime are all related to Aquarius.  This is why Aquarius has a humanitarian bent to it.

Saturn brings humility and a connection to humanitarian causes here, as it’s his energy that pushes down the glory of the individual in order to show our larger context.  Through Aquarius, Saturn rules the 1st and the 12th, which literally shows a loss of confidence, a loss of self. This is why the Aquarius person naturally has a weak self-image.  But Aquarius needs to be careful mistaking “humility” for a lack of confidence.  May times, an Aquarius seems to be humble, but actually, it’s just a lack of confidence in disguise.  This kind of Aquarius energy leads to bitterness and resentment in old age because they never expressed themselves powerfully.”

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“Aquarius is a fixed airy sign ruled by Saturn, which as earlier stated is inimical towards Sun. The energy of the airy Aquarius fans the flames of the fiery Sun, thus the position of Sun in Aquarius makes the native short-tempered. Such a person is a typical miser and is quite frugal with their spending. These people struggle to maintain a decent personal hygiene. Their ideas are quite eccentric and advanced. But despite this streak of eccentricity, these people are well liked by everyone.

They are emotional people, who put their own needs on the backburner to help others. They focus on the societal than the individual. Such natives are strong team players indeed, with good leadership qualities. These humanitarian souls become great leaders if given a chance to. They have a strong understanding of how human nature works. They are quite honest and outspoken too. Such people attach a lot of value to friendship.  Despite being so humble and compassionate, they tend to keep themselves away from emotional involvement and attachment. Their approach is impersonal and they never show their emotions and feelings openly.”

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“Aquarius, you are a highly independent sign and you don’t like to be tied down much. There is so much to do and you love not only to see change, but also to be a part of it. Truly progressive in a very real sense, you are rarely one to follow the herd Aquarius. In fact, you are more likely to be the rebel who says otherwise. You thrive when you are pushing against societal norms; let’s hope you have a cause! Unconventional in your nature, you are highly intelligent and always on the search for new ideas and perspectives. As open minded as you are Aquarius you can be stubborn when confronted. Your way is the way, and no one will tell you otherwise, even if you are proven wrong.

You are unique and curious about everything. You want to know more and Aquarius is also articulate, and loves to communicate with others. Emotions are not Aquarius forte, and sometimes it may seem like you are a little detached. In a lot of ways you are, and you prefer a no-strings attached approach to life. Sometimes taken as being a bit aloof, this also facilitates your ability to make change in the world. You must be free to do so. This does not mean that you will shy away from attachment and relationships, but you do require independence for your well being.”

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“An Aquarius is very unpredictable just like the flow of air, the key element they are made of. They can indulge you in conversations that seem unworldly. It is a good mixture of weird and fascinating. They are great communicators and thus have a lot of friends and suitors singing praises in their names. They are super smart and highly interested in innovation and revolutionary ideas.

The Aquarius man’s personality sways between being sweet and ignorant. They can be insensitive sometimes because they are not certain of their feelings. The need for change is deep-rooted in their systems. They are automatically attracted to intellect. It is hard for them to stick around people who are feeble and shallow.

They have an extremely attractive and glittery aura around them. Aquarius man can get easily bored with people, situations or their work. Thus, they must have a job that has a considerable amount of flexibility. If they are forced to work in a restrictive environment then chances are high that they can’t give their best in what they do.”

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“When Aquarius woman is sad and wants to cry, you will see a smile on her face.

Aquarius woman is a kind of riddle. She’s very unpredictable and autonomous. The fixed sign that doesn’t take people kindly who tell her what to do. But she is a genuine humanitarian who is always ready to support someone who may be low of cash or down on their luck. She will always give good advice.”

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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius

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