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“Gemini is the masculine of a nature of Mercury. This is where Mercury expresses himself externally in the world. Mercury is the planet of communication, ideas, flexibility, variety, and through the sign of Gemini Mercury acts with a lot of skill and initiates these attributes into the world. Gemini is a very communicative sign. They like to speak, but not only words, they’re very creative and self expressive in many ways.

Mercury is a very creative planet. He is the one who likes to put things together and play with them and build them and try anything, as anything is possible, and so a Gemini person will try many things because they enjoy them and this is a big issue with the Gemini is the sense of enjoyment that comes from just exploring their interests.

The Gemini may have many interests but not really develop any of them very well and wind up being that sort of jack of all trades, master of none that is often attributed to them. This is not always the case though because a Gemini person, once they find something important, will bring enormous amount of skill and creativity to it.”

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“Gemini is an air sign with dual personality and its lord is Mercury, which is a neutral planet of earthy element. Mercury considers Sun as a friend, which is neutral towards Mercury so placement of Sun in Gemini brings positive results for the native. Intellect is the strong suit of people born with such planetary placement. They tend to be intelligent and wise, always up for a good debate. Their ideas are often backed by logic. They become great scholars and tend to be expert in many fields. They have a very calculative mind too thus do well in fields such as accounts and finance.

Sun in Gemini also gives strong communication and the power to persuade people. Natives with this placement have liberal attitude so people often trust their judgment. But they do not misuse others. Such people tend to be modest, honest and sincere. The best professions for people with Sun in Gemini are teaching and astrology. Quite often, these natives earn a lot of fame in such fields. Fortune also seems to be favoring these individuals. But when it comes to appearance, they do average on the beauty scale, their character however is nonetheless magnetic.”

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“Gemini are full of energy and enthusiasm for life. You rarely sit in the background and are highly curious and inquisitive. This is reflected in your intellectual nature, and you absorb information and ideas like a sponge. You also love to communicate your ideas and opinions Gemini, which makes you highly talkative and sociable. You are the true social butterflies of the zodiac, and you cannot be tied down by anyone. Your individual freedom and happiness are important to you, but you love to engage with the world around you and are highly adaptable to any situation.

You can be erratic though Gemini, and though you form lasting friendships you often jump around, exploring new situations and people. You just love change Gemini. This can make you rather restless and impulsive, and your high energy can become anxiety if you are not able to spread your wings and fly. Your lack of consistency is perhaps your greatest weakness Gemini, and you can change your opinions easily, and may have trouble making decisions, leading to a lack of direction. You can even be a little superficial; you love to skim the surface of everything but sometimes you don’t dig deep enough, and are quick to form opinions.”

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“The basic traits of a Gemini man include being key communicators. They are very talkative and never shy around. They are curious souls. It is very easy for them to be a part of almost anything. This is because they are Mutable Air signs, making them extremely adaptable but according to their own whims and fancies. They are restless most of the time due to the same fact.

A Gemini Man can easily get bored if you can’t keep up with their clever minds. They are always on the hunt for new experiences. Thus they keep meeting new people and go on different explorations. Gemini’s are extremely childlike; this is because they are extremely carefree. They can sulk to extreme levels if they feel things don’t go the way they wanted to.”

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“A Gemini Woman is very creative and often indulged in similar activities. They are very emotional if it comes to the correct situation and people. Contributing to their extrovert nature they are very open-minded and accepting. They can be compassionate but for very few people. Mainly they are ignorant as best as they can be because they like to keep it easy.

They have continuously changing interests. It is hard for them to stick to even in their interest areas. Gemini has thus often tried a lot of things in their lives because they don’t know where their passion lies. They are very complex people and often others don’t understand their actions. Their words are not trustworthy because of the things they do that are convenient for them and the current situation.”

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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in Gemini

Sun in Gemini

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