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“Scorpio is ruled by Mars reflecting upon himself. The nature of Mars is to bring strength and for Scorpio, Mars brings strength to the emotions. Scorpio is a water sign which is related to the emotions and it’s also a fixed sign which wants to stabilize. Somehow Mars tries to stabilize the watery emotions through Scorpio. Of course, this is very difficult because the emotions are always changing and those who we have invested in emotionally are also always changing. So Scorpio tends to worry about those things they are emotionally involved in and try to control those situations and people. They are notorious for being able to penetrate deeply into the emotions of others and know exactly how to reach into their psyche and keep them under control, but of course this only lasts for so long.

Eventually others may get tired of the emotional power struggle and Scorpio can lose the war. When this happens, the dreaded emotional loss feels like a loss of self entirely, so Scorpio needs to learn how to manage their emotions rather than try to control them or the emotions of others. Learning to truly be strong emotionally means not being afraid of their change and their fluidity. Through the nature of Scorpio, we all learn how to concentrate our emotional power on something more than just feeling good and that’s the real genius of Scorpio.”

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“Scorpio is a fixed watery sign associated with passion and ambition having Mars as its lord. Both Sun and Mars are masculine fiery planets and are friends to each other. Despite this relationship, we should consider the fact that Scorpio is associated with 8th house which relates to death like experiences and sudden transformations. Native having Sun is Scorpio is a pool of emotions. These people have lots of feelings and mysteries buried deep within their heart. Such people are highly emotional and compassionate towards others. They are also prone to lying and a sense of unhappiness pervades their life. They are usually dissatisfied in their married life too. There is an inherent lust to indulge in arguments, promote quarrelsomeness. They are also quite unfortunate in terms of enjoying parental love.

Nevertheless, these are some of the most ambitious people with higher than average self-respect. They are quite cautious in their money matters and plan their expenditure wisely. These people feed on challenges. They have a hunger for success and thrive in demanding situations and positions. However, natives with Sun in Scorpio should exercise care in situations involving weapons and fire.”

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“Scorpio, you are brave and full of focus and determination. Your will can never be broken and you are highly independent, and driven by short term goals, which you will surely obtain. If you do not obtain your goals, and everything does not go quite to plan, then you will adapt and change your approach; although you might be very ambitious, you are not so stubborn as you might first come across.

You may have difficulty trusting at first, but when you do strike a relationship you are extremely loyal, generous and loving, and are faithful and trustworthy. On the flip side Scorpio, you can be domineering and even a little manipulative, though this is never malicious, and merely reflects your urge to remain in control of your life. You work hard for that control after all. Scorpio, you don’t sting without good reason, but if someone should cross your path then you might not be quick to forgive or forget, and you even have a vengeful side.

Despite this fierce side you are very magnetic and interesting to be around. Scorpio you have a drive to find out more, and an interest in the mysteries of the unknown. You are however balanced and mature Scorpio, and not one to spend too much time dreaming. You search for deeper emotional meaning almost constantly, and seek transformation in this journey of life, though you are rooted in action, and a scorching passion for accomplishment.”

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“In general, a Scorpio man remains quiet and works in silence. They can act moody in different situations and it takes patience to deal with something like that. They have hard shells on the outside to protect themselves, but deep down they have an intense personality that is waiting to come out, in front of the right person. Scorpios don’t display much of anything.

Apart from being an unforgiving and hardworking individual they are very caring and have a very calm side to their persona, just like still water. Scorpio man traits contribute to the secrecy they maintain in their lives. For them, time with their family and friends’ is very valuable and they hardly ever cancel on such plans. They are not afraid to speak up and never bottle up things.

Scorpio man is very spontaneous and always looks for something new to do and achieve in their lives. They love being in power and look forward to getting such opportunities. They maintain great work ethics and are always a success because they work very hard. They have continuous stress and related issues which leads to such health effects on them.”

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“When a Scorpio woman says, she is in love, it’s a never-ending love. She will love you until the end.

Scorpio woman is the best looking and perhaps most mystical of all the zodiacs. She is mysterious and irresistible, deep as the sea, and as peaceful or stormy, depending upon her mood. Scorpio woman is in harmony with life and nature’s essential forces and is shaken by the big tides and occurrences of human experience.”

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Sun in Scorpio

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