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Friends and Lessons
Sidereal Astrology Guide Step 9: Knowledge, Sidereal Astrology Sun

Friends and Lessons

When you meet a new person in your life, sometimes, you wonder why they are there. Why they have appeared for you in this way, at this time and how to respond to them being in your environment. Ie, sometimes you fall in love with someone because "assume their role" is to be a partner, but its possible their lesson is very different for you. Or a friend turns into an enemy. These are examples of how to know who some people are in your life. How to know who is your friend and why: 11th Lord = Lord of Circle of Friends 1st Lord = Ascendant Count around backwards. 11th Lord = Sign. Sign ruler Planet = 11th Lord. 11th Lord (is in) 8th House. Rules over the people you like in your environment. 11th = community, groups of people, social circle, ideas, incoming...
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