The Three Levels of Education and Knowledge

Mercury, Sun and Jupiter all influence your levels of education and information you take in over your life.

Though there are distinct differences between each. All are necessarily for “learning” things.

Mercury = Information.

Street smarts. “Processing”. Basic intelligence. “Youthful lessons”. Communication.

Mercury is the Processor of your body. It’s job is to “take in information” and then sort it. To turn the information into readable language for the rest of your body to interpret. It is your ability to be able to “communicate your information” to the external environment.

Mercury is the “exchange of data”, it is communicating information.


Someone with Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Capricorn.

The person has a “quick mind/moon” though their actual “processing” of new data is slow. Capricorn being ruled over by the planet of delay Saturn. So this person will process new data slowly, which is then utilised by the rest of the body. In this case the mercury makes the processing of the body, “slow and steady”.

Sun = Basic Education.

Basic Education. Lessons that affect “You”. Individual questions.

The Sun, as a planet, is individualistically designed towards you. Sun ruling over basic education, lends to the concept that when you are learning your basic schooling education you are, “taking out all the data that individually is useful to you”. Something that allows you to develop individual compatibility with other people, ie, connect with your friends through similarities. Ie, knowing the same language is useful for developing bonds.

Through Sun you develop a strength of where you are at. Ie, you work out you are more language/science/math orientated than another effector in the environment. You find “yourself” in the education.

It is meant to teach you, “basics of life”. As sun is the “creator”.

Many people note that a large impactor upon their basic education was the “peer-to-peer associations” that developed. Ie, whether a person made friends. Individual friendship, one-on-one, is ruled over by the Sun.


Someone with Sun in the Eighth House.

This person needs to learn the basics of physical activity and power, within their basic education.

Jupiter = Higher Education/ Knowledge.

This is your ability to philosophise and change data from “information” to “knowledge”.

Mercury “takes in data”, and Jupiter “expands upon it”.

When you ask a person a question, you can tell in their answer whether the “information” has been exchanged for “knowledge”.

Both are correct associations! Though there is an integral difference between Jupiter and Mercury in shared data.

Jupiter’s knowledge will be, “something that is always expanding”. It is a belief. Something that is basic + expanded upon by “belief” < something “being learnt”. You are “studying” this information = knowledge.

Jupiter is God/s, Teacher and Student. It is, your inner godhood. It is your ability to “gain epiphany with information”. To use the information for long enough, to “feel something more with in it” and gain a furthering knowledge about the information.

If you see a small animal on the road, and you look at it = Mercury notes it is a squirrel and what it is doing.

If you see a small animal on the road, and you look at it, and then you wonder why its there and whether or not you are in association with the squirrel = Jupiter notes a “furthering association” with the data. The question itself is forever exchanged with a wide bevy of questions. It is not the act of questioning, it is the act of “expanding upon”. It could be 100% reality driven if jupiter is in a saturn sign, or purely thought driven if in the moon, all signs are distinctly different in how they learn.


Someone with Jupiter in Taurus.

This person will expand upon data through beauty. Ie, If you see a small animal on the road, and you look at it, then you notice the glossiness of its fur and wonder whether its particular diet gives it a more vibrant shine to its fur. So you go and search diet of squirrel and whether any hair products have that ingredient in it“… Furthering data in a Taurus variation.


Being human, means you have all three kinds of “education”.

> Mercury is your ability to take in data and then express it.

> Sun is your basic education, and ability to use it for peer-to-peer associations.

> Jupiter is your higher education, expanding to make knowledge, epiphany.

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