What’s Your House Style?

What makes up the style of your house? How it looks and what you want to get out of it and do there? There are three parts influencing how exactly you want your house :)


House number can be applied from the 4th house Lord.

If you are an Aries ascendant, a 4 house suits the sign that rules over your 4th house, for a Taurus ascendant a 5 house rules over your 4th Lord. etc (because Leo = traditional number 5, Virgo 6, etc).

But the other signs/houses that are connected through the following can also affect the number.

You work out your house number by +ing together up to number 12, so say a house number 403 = 4 + 0 + 3 = 7, a Libra house.

A house number, 479a apartment 1 = 4 + 7 + 9 + 1 (a = 1st in alphabet) + 1 = 22 = 2 + 2 = 4.

Part 1:

First, you look at the 4th House, the house of home, domestic life and motherhood.

So you look at your Ascendant, (say an Aries ascendant), then count around four places (aries, taurus, gemini, cancer), so Cancer is rules over the 4th House. Cancer’s planet is the Moon, so the Moon is the Lord of the 4th House.

So your House will be influenced by the 4th Lord’s, Sign (Cancer) and Planet (Moon)’s location.

So for an Aries Ascendant, the House would be influenced by Cancer (comfortable and intimate and family-orientated), and wherever the Moon is located, so for example, in Virgo in the 5th House. So the home the native would choose would be comfortable (cancer), neat (virgo) and a party (5th) house.

So you look below at those three things. The 4th Lord, the 4th lord’s ruling planets sign and house.

So for another example, a Taurus’ Ascendant’s 4th Lord is Leo and Sun. Gemini Ascendant is Virgo and Mercury… etc.

And mix them together!

(so far, 4th Lord Sign, 4th Lord Planet’s Sign, Planet’s House)

Part 2:

Second… when you look to the 4th House, check if there is a planet in it. If there is. This planet must also be included. So say its Ketu. So with the example, you have Cancer/Virgo/5th House and you must include also Ketu’s position, so Cancer/Virgo/5th/Ketu. Feel me?

(so far, 4th Lord Sign, 4th Lord Planet’s Sign, Planet’s House, Others Planet’s Sign, Planet’s House)

Part 3:

Third, you have to see your Matri Karaka’s Sign and House.

(so far, 4th Lord Sign, 4th Lord Planet’s Sign, Planet’s House, Others Planet’s Sign, Planet’s House, Marti Karaka’s Sign, Planet’s House)

The planet will also cause their default affect, but not in terms of visual affect; the sign and house will change the personality and setting so its included in this. Whereas the planet will offer a default feeling, it wont change anything visually, like their location will.

But as matri karaka the planets will always bring these things to a house; sun = strength, moon = care, mercury = intelligence, venus = possessions, mars = battle, jupiter = expansion and saturn = stability.

So if Saturn is your Matri Karaka in Sagittarius in the 8th House. Your house will visually get the affects of Sagittarius and the 8th house (see below) but the matri karaka planet saturn will also make the house feel stable, even though it isn’t visual like his personality (sign) and setting (house) which can be seen.

So include a mix of the words following.

Example; My home is comfortable (4th Lord Sign), efficient (4th Lord Planet’s Sign), warm (Planet’s House), dramatic (Others Planet’s Sign), intimate (Planet’s House), view filled (Marti Karaka’s Sign), and hidden (Planet’s House)! :).

An instance of this; could be a homely cottage style home, with a balcony, and indigo and yellow internal paint styles. As just an example. What you choose eventually, could be a huge amass of data. Ie, the indigo could be on the outside of the house, the views could be of people or landscapes, etc.

Quick words:

Aries/1st House: A confident, sports filled, competitive, yellow, masculine, strong home.

Taurus/2nd House: A beautiful, possession filled, antique, green, garden and nature inspired home.

Gemini/3rd House: A communication inspired, technology filled, blue, intelligent, youthful home.

Cancer/4th House: A comfortable, family orientated, intimate, indigo, food filled home.

Leo/5th House: A romantic, warm, fun, party filled, indigo, dramatic home.

Virgo/6th House: A book filled, efficient, technological, blue, neat home.

Libra/7th House: A partnership inspired, possession filled, green, beautiful, light home.

Scorpio/8th House: A dark, hidden, possessive, yellow, emotional home.

Sagittarius/9th House: A view filled, orange, wealthy, freedom inspired home.

Capricorn/10th House: A stable, career filled, structured, red, real home.

Aquarius/11th House: A reality filled, invention inspired, red, original home.

Pisces/12th House: A mystical, orange, lonely, spiritual home.

You can tell when you will find/learn about your home by seeing when you are going through your Life Cycle (scroll till you see OnlineJyotish) of your Matri Karaka. This is what your “self” is looking at over your lifespan during these periods :).

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