Why Retrograde Transits Are Good For Some

Within your natal chart, if you have a retrograde planet, then when that planet goes retrograde is good for you :)


So when the planet goes retrograde then the planet behaves “natively”.

So in this example, when Jupiter goes retrograde in the world, this person’s education and spirituality improves.

Whereas normally, because its retrograde, it repeats in the form of struggles.

Not being negative.

Retrogrades are not negative.

They merely mean that you have to redo things.

Perceived as bad: You have to spend more time it and deal with failing all the time.

Perceived as good: You get to do things more than once to become a full-pro at it. People look to you for advice on it because your a super-human in forms of knowledge of the sign/house that the planet is in. You fail, only to get to perfection in understanding the planet, it’s sign and house placement.

Retrograde Dates to 2015 (between the dates is when its retrograde)


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