Your Bad Guys by Ascendant

A Functional Malefic is a planet that functions as a “the bad guy” in your chart. Like say Jupiter is traditionally a Benefic Planet, a “good guy” but for some Ascendants, he turns into their bad guy. Interesting ey…

+ Rahu and Ketu are functional malefics for everyone.

Dusthana Houses: Houses 6, 8 and 12 are the most difficult. These houses are the dusthana houses. The planets that rule these houses will cause problems in a person’s life even if they are natural benefic planets.

So if the Sign ruling the 6th/8th/12th Houses is the Mooltrikon sign for that House then it becomes a functional malefic.

Mooltrikon Positions:

Sun: Leo

Moon: Taurus

Mercury: Virgo

Venus: Libra

Mars: Aries

Jupiter: Sagittarius

Saturn: Aquarius


So if you count around on this image from (including Ascendant as 1) to the 6th/8th/12th Signs, and if that Sign is in its Mooltrikon Position then its a Functional Malefic.

Ie, Aries Ascendant (look at Aries in the image and count around 6) has Virgo ruling the 6th House. Mercury is the ruler of the 6th House and his Mooltrikon sign is Virgo. So this makes Mercury his Enemy because Mercury is ruling his own House (in a super strong position) and in an attacking you house, ie, the house of diseases and enemies :).

So for a definition Exalted Position = Planet Works the Hardest, Mooktrikon Position = Planet is Most Happy and Debilitated Position = Planet Works Least Well.

Aries Ascendant

6th = Virgo = Mercury

The Planet Mercury is your “Bad Guy” in your chart.

Taurus Ascendant

6th = Libra = Venus

8th = Sagittarius = Jupiter

12th = Aries = Mars

The Planets Venus, Jupiter and Mars are your “Bad Guys” in your chart.

Gemini Ascendant


You don’t have any “Bad Guys” in your chart.

Cancer Ascendant

6th = Sagittarius = Jupiter

8th = Aquarius = Saturn

The Planets Jupiter and Saturn are your “Bad Guys” in your chart.

Leo Ascendant

12th = Cancer = Moon

The Planet Moon is your “Bad Guy” in your chart.

Virgo Ascendant

6th = Aquarius = Saturn

8th = Aries = Mars

12th = Leo = Sun

The Planets Saturn, Mars and Sun are your “Bad Guys” in your chart.

Libra Ascendant

12th = Virgo = Mercury

The Planet Mercury is your “Bad Guy” in your chart.

Scorpio Ascendant

12th = Libra = Venus

The Planet Venus is your “Bad Guy” in your chart.

Sagittarius Ascendant

8th = Cancer = Moon

The Planet Moon is your “Bad Guy” in your chart.

Capricorn Ascendant

8th = Leo = Sun

12th = Sagittarius = Jupiter

The Planets Sun and Jupiter are your “Bad Guys” in your chart.

Aquarius Ascendant

6th = Cancer = Moon

8th = Virgo = Mercury

The Planets Moon and Mercury are your “Bad Guys” in your chart.

Pisces Ascendant

6th = Leo = Sun

8th = Libra = Venus

12th = Aquarius = Saturn

The Planets Sun, Venus and Saturn are your “Bad Guys” in your chart.

So how bad are the Functional Malefics going to be?

They will only really affect you through their Dasha/MahaDasha (see Life Cycle Reading). They will always be working but they will be in the “background” of your life, until you go through their Dasha/MahaDashas and then they come into the “foreground” of your life where they are directing you.

So the Functional Malefic is the strongest when its within 3 degrees on either side of the Ascendant degrees.

So say your Aries Ascendant is 29′ and your Functional Malefic Planet Mercury is at 2′ anything.

This makes Mercury really Malefic.

If Mercury was at 15′ anything, then it would take him longer to find “your body”.

So think of it like this.

Zodiac Signs in Body

Think of the degree system as 0′ = the furthest skin on your back and 29′ = the furthest skin on your front.

When you activate your ascendant at 26′ of Aries, it activates that “rank” link. So all 26′ in that line in your body. So within 3 degrees to either side it activates prominently too. Because its in line with it. So say you have something at 26′ Pisces in the feet, doesn’t matter how far away, it also gets activated because its just a line.

Think of your body like 30 doorways, 1 degree = 1 doorway. You activate/open the 26th doorway and all 26th doorways get opened, cause its just a line/spirit body.

So the 26th Line for this person would be important, as would “feeling older” because the Ascendant is in an Aged degree. Whereas if the person was on the 15th Degree/Line then the person would feel younger.


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