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2nd December 2016

Hey, *waves*.

So this is just a post letting everyone know what’s been going on with the website.

In 2014, this website was originally hosted at

At this time I used to spend about 14 hours a day doing peoples astrologies for free :). I enjoyed it thoroughly!

In 2015, the website moved from “hosted” under wordpress for free to “self-hosted”. This gave me more freedom with the back end of the website.

Throughout 2015, the website changed self-hosting about 3 times.

I was trying to find a stable place which was cost-effective, had 24/7 support, a large backend of hosting room, etc.

In this process, I moved around a lot of back end data. Moving thousands of images and people’s astrologies, and these are all now hosted on a cloud for the time.

During this time, I worked out that I couldn’t keep up with all the astrologies I was doing.

I was like 1000 people behind on the rate that the details were being sent to me to do :O.

So, I uploaded the total written and video sections of the guide to the website as the “Guide”.

In late 2015 – early 2016, the website became stable in a hosting corporation.

At the end of 2015, the website was registered as a legal Australian business.

Thanks for reading :),

~ Siren.

22nd March 2017

So for the Arts page… For example, this is some of the unorganised folders…

This is on my desktop…

[this is the background image if you’re curious, its my mercury ;)…]

… it is a slow progression… but these things get done… over the next few years will be extremely filled.

For now though… one can imagine, time costly :).

So, on the topic of slow progressions ;):

To Do:

Hire an artist to make a banner and an icon, etc. Likely commission someone off deviantart :).

Considering rebranding:

Sometime over the next few years, the website will likely be rebranded.

The domain will stay up and be fine for quite a few years after the site changes domains, and be redirected to the new like the wordpress still is like 5 years later so its all good.

Allowing the website to diversify a little ;).

Still remaining the same, all the pages and etc, but it will grow and develop to be more indepth in each area.


Ie, utilising step 8 to be extensive in psychic abilities and etc. An extremely detailed teaching on “how to do” each divisional chart in step 9, etc.

Allowing you to have more control of your chart. Possibly move into things like audio and making videos as time goes on.


Early on, I had a few domains, like,, .in,, .org, .tk, etc.

But after a year or so I let these expire due to moving the business hosting. The redirects and moving the domains became an issue.

Sometime over the next few years (there is no rush), a huge amount of domains will be purchased when the rebranding is done.

Over the last week I have been looking at how to register my corporation in china and get a .cn if it can be done “on a budget” :).

.cns are not like most domain endings, they are linked to an actual corporation. Which is interesting.

So things like this, making the website “worldwide” so everyone can have *cuddles* with their internal astrology I think is a worthy thing.

Just figuring out how to do it ;), is the starting climb :).

Thanks for reading :D,

~ Siren

15th October 2017

So I finally found a nice host for the Arts section.

I got 2T of storage for a lifetime for about $250US (thats one price for 99 years) so thats really good.

The host is pcloud.

Example of how the Images will look maybe. If you can see on the top right, then you can also download them.

I will also have a text file.txt in each folder for the original image owners, so that if you want them framed/printed/thank the artist/whatever you can look them up from the host. This is something that has been a distinct interest for me. How to “cite the owner”. I tried for a while listing on here with a direct link to the original hosts, but if the original html is taken down then my link wont work and thats a bit dodgy. I thought about writing a hover over “note” with the link in it, but that would be an unclickable html. I thought about having a “how to use free addons for firefox/etc that allow you to search an image backlog” to find other places that host it (the artist). Though all these things feel a little inconsistent, ie people might avoid downloading extra addons for their Browser. I think having a text file is the best due to being editable, and then you can click them at your own discretion and the artists names are always there even if their link goes down. They are “top importance” as its their beautiful art being used! :). I have ketu in leo, pissing off artists is scary for me XD, also I understand why it is important to cite them ;).

I am currently running Lets-Box with This is how the GUI on the /art/ page shows images instead of folders. But as you may have seen over the approx year it has been up the issue is that the application has flaws, in which the link can drop out. If this happens when I go to bed, obviously I can’t bring it up till the following morning and that isn’t very professional. Obviously also is much more expensive than pcloud.

Hopefully pcloud will offer some form of similar application at some point to give a nice GUI. Though for now, I will upload all the thousands of images to pcloud over the next six months and maybe pay a developer to build a nice GUI or maybe pcloud will develop some wordpress integration. The ability to download and all the storage being in one place I feel overweights the Lets-Box with, pcloud hype :).

Anyway, thats the update :D.

Thankyou for reading :),

~ Siren