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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in 2nd House

“Placement of Sun in second house suggests that the chart holder will be quite generous and compassionate in nature. Moreover, they are likely to be successful in money matters. Their efforts get a lot of recognition and respect. Such people have great leadership skills thus often enjoy a good position in authority. Their leadership skills also fetch them a good income. Sun in 2nd house also means the native enjoys an enviable social position and commands a lot of respect from others.”

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“… the 2nd astrological house also governs speech, because it governs the mouth and how it is used.

With a natural malefic planet Sun, their speech is naturally strict. As the significations of Sun indicate, their speech is endowed with a touch of royalty, nobility, and assertiveness.

Not only that they make sure that they are heard, but they also take care that their words radiate truth, wisdom, and righteousness (Sun governs the 5th sign of righteousness Leo).

The placement of dry, hot, and fierce planet Sun in the considered house can also make these natives sound excessively rude and harsh. They likely harness strict vocabulary often, especially when they are switched in the mode of assertiveness.

It may also cause repetitive and imposing speech by stumbling over one’s words. However, this style of speech is helpful in leadership and authoritative positions.

Sun is the natural ruler of the 5th sign and house Leo, which denotes authority and politics. Accordingly, the placement of the Sun in the considered house provides great talent in public speaking which is very helpful for example in politics and other administrative positions.”

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“A person with Sun in the 2nd house feels fulfilled in life through producing something of lasting value. The second house describes our attitude to money, possessions, and sense of security.

Furthermore, it represents inner resources and self-worth. The second house is fixed and ruled by the earth element, this part of the chart rules immovable property, stability and grounding. In addition, self-esteem and confidence is often linked to earnings and some people with it work in areas that involve personal finance and property. There is a tendency to accumulate personal possessions, including objects, books, ornaments, collectibles or antiques. Those with the Sun here may also like to be surrounded by things of beauty and quality.

According to astrologer, Dane Rudhyar: “Sun in the 2nd house tends to stimulate the production of inner and outer wealth and that ‘having’ may overcome being. On the other hand the person may become an eminently successful manager of wealth and fulfil his destiny in this way.”

The Sun in the second house is possessive of the things they give their highest value. Namely, objects, money, people, and those things may be ‘used’ to give them a sense of identity and security. The Sun here must learn how to use their resources and property constructively, and are developing a strong sense of values. Rather than relying on other people and objects to fill that void, a sense of self-worth comes through developing personal skills, talents and resources.

This person is strong, persistent, and determined to understand what is really sustaining in life. The challenge is not to feel trapped by the earthy world. The Sun in the second house should not depend on others too heavily and the goal should be self-sustainment.

“They can be generous with money and possessions, but will usually expect some sort of recognition and acknowledgment in return. The impeccable, internationally loved singer and actor Maurice Chevalier had the Sun in Virgo in the 2nd: he was born in the slum and died a millionaire.” By Howard Sasportas, The Twelve Houses.”

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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in 2nd House

Sun in 2nd House

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