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“A positive Sun in 6th house helps the native fight off the diseases and build resistance against illnesses. Such natives have good immunity and stamina. While Sun’s vitality and energy is not as forceful here as in other houses concerning health, it builds a tendency to be cautious in health matters, which ultimately proves helpful. This position of Sun also indicates promotion to a higher and responsible position for the native after continuous everyday efforts. Such people also have a deep respect for authority and are disciplined in nature.”

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“One of the major significances of this house is opposition, enemies, challenges, and competition. The 6th house is considered as a malefic house or Dusthana Bhava as per Jyotish where natural malefic planets perform exceptionally well.

The positioning of the fiery and assertive planet Sun in the 6th house indicates extreme levels of courage, determination, and strength.

As Sun is the planet of soul, the positioning in the given house shows that these natives are truly very competitive spirits. Their vitality in their souls helps to overcome obstacles and enemies victoriously.

With natural malefic Sun in this house, these natives are always willing to welcome opposition and take on challenges. Having lots of vitality for competition, they rarely back down and refuse to battle.

Furthermore, if the Sun is supported by a strong guide or 6th house lord, it amplifies the given results to a great extent. It is also important to note that the greater strength of the 6th house lord increases the number of enemies and obstacles but if Sun is in a favorable sign in the 6th house it indicates victory over enemies and any competition.

In such a case, more enemies equal more opportunities to rise and fulfill high aspirations after overcoming all the obstacles.”

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“A person with Sun in the 6th house will express their identity through work, health, service and day-to-day routine. The organisation of life and domestic spheres are usually important and they take pride in work, regular routines and daily order. Their paths towards self- realization lies in the rituals and rhythms of the world of earth – including the use of time and care of their body and mind.

Self-development is based on the work they perform and the development of skills through additional education, training courses and self-improvement. Working ethics and ways of working are important aspects of their lives and tasks are preformed to enhance self-definition. When things don’t run smoothly they become disorganized, sick, depressed and ineffectual, and they need to learn the appreciation of each moment and each day, and they base their accomplishments firmly of the daily tasks achieved, and the development of you own personal skills.

For this person, health may be a focal concern and their purpose is to understand the relationship between the aspects of the body and mind. Basically, the concept of wholeness appeals and studies often involve herbs, alternative medicine, exercise and natural products that heal the body. Those with Sun in the sixth house may also find joy in helping to heal others and do best in the helping professions. Doctors, nurses, veterinarians, social workers, health workers, physical therapists and education are areas where they often excel. Success must reflect their inner need to bring order to their inner and outer world. Although earthly things are important they are not motivated by monetary gain, status, or the best position on their profession.

On the whole, the life focus may be about providing a useful and helpful service. The sixth house represents the urge to gain mastery over the physical environment and, duties, necessities and learning how to function effectively are most important. They are a craftsman and need to polish and refine their skills so that they can be put to good use. More than any other people they are capable of feeling totally fulfilled in work, and they need to bring a sense of order and harmony to this sphere of life. Conversely, challenging aspects can show problems with health, lack of a good routine and difficulty with co-workers, or anything else that interrupts the natural ability to function in daily life. There is a high focus on all of the interrelated parts of life that keep the wheels turning productively.

Those with Sun in 6th house strive to develop skills and abilities which secure them a useful place in the employment market. This is not a placement of someone who should just sit and meditate all day. It is surprising what poignant realizations can dawn scrubbing the kitchen floor or washing your socks. With the Sun in the 6th house accepting boundaries and routines empowers a person to perfect and refine the art of living.” By Howard Sasportas, The Twelve Houses.

Someone with the Sun in the 6th house are sincere demonstration towards aiding others with a grounded, simple and practical approach. This might involve learning useful techniques and teaching others essential life tools. There organisational skills and ability to serve others really come to the fore. The individual focused on self-help, and teaching skills to people that can be applied on a day-to-day basis, and ordinary level. In effect, allowing the individual to create working routines, and teaching them how to live a more productive life.”

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Sun in 6th House

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