All About The 27 Nakshatras in Sidereal Astrology

Free Sidereal Astrology - All About The 27 Nakshatras

A Nakshatra is a mini sign.

Also known as Lunar Mansions.

There are 27 mini signs behind the 12 zodiac. Each sign being 2 and a 1/2 mini signs.

Each sign has a story about them, a power animal with sexual compatibility and an enemy animal, symbol, sounds, specific associated stars, a diety, and it’s own planetary ruler separate from the star sign itself, etc. They are unique in their own right and can show how within a star sign, there can be people who are similar to you, but act with a varying difference to you.

As an example, in Aries there are 3 parts: Ashvini, Bharani and Krittika.

Aries is ruled over by Mars, but Ashvini is Ketu (South Node), Bharani is Venus and Krittika is Sun. Meaning that an Ashvini is going to be the most wild form of Aries, Bharani the most protective and Krittika the most bold. All three contain the power of Mars, they are all Aries, but they use Mars’ power differently. This is due to the Nakshatra’s own specific planetary rulers causing an influence by the degree the sign sits in.

In terms of a diety affect; Ashvini is ruled over by the physicians to the gods, Bharani is ruled over by the god of death, and Krittika is ruled over by the god of fire. Making the people born under these powers entirely different, even though their planet may be in the same overall star sign placement. Also the powers that they weild can resemble the powers of the diety that flows into that part of their body. The stories and lore behind each diety’s association to the nakshatra is linked in the below sections.

Breaking that down again, each nakshatra has 4 padas, which are also ruled by another planet. Meaning someone with an identical planet possibly 5 degrees away from yours might act entirely different due to the different ruling energy. It is very, very hard to find someone ‘just like you’.

The following links have a variety of videos explaining each sign from a selection of different astrologers whom I have found have excellent understanding of astrology. Some astrologers give a good basic overview of the nakshatra, in comparison to some going very indepth in describing how the sign archetype is seen in the world, the experiences each human has, and providing indepth discussion points. No nakshatra is good or bad, and these sections can help you understand how to see what you may prior have perceived as weaknesses, to be your great strengths in light of understanding why they exist for the earth.

For a comparison between Nakshatras you can see Nakshatra Basics.

The following astrologers videos are provided in this section for each nakshatra; Vic DiCara, Joni Patry, KRSchannel, Claire Nakti, Pai Team (Dr Arjun Pai, Dr. Santhip Kanholy, Dr. Aditya, and Eve Mendoza), Vedic Oracle, Sam Geppi, Ryan Kurczak, Michael Reed, and Nipun Joshi.

If you are looking for an extensive written guide, you can by Dr Pai’s book on Nakshatras here. Though all the videos in the links will give you a large range of knowledge to help you learn about yourself.

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Free Sidereal Astrology - All About The 27 Nakshatras

All About The 27 Nakshatras in Sidereal Astrology

Free Sidereal Astrology - All About The 27 Nakshatras in Sidereal Astrology

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