Rahu in Virgo – North Node in Virgo

We need to learn how to work when the North Node in the 6th, and to get straight with the necessity of being of service in a practical way so that our visions are made manifest in the real world. Service to others also means combining discrimination with compassion. Discrimination is not to be confused with judgment. Mother Theresa served with discrimination. She taught others self-sufficiency rather than depowering them more by denying them knowledge. Also, true service to humanity is not to be confused with casting our pearls before the swine. No matter how noble our ideals, we waste valuable time trying to force the unwilling to pick up their beds and walk. However, lack of results is not an excuse to give up the day. With North Node in Virgo we learn how to work and to cultivate the mental orderliness that detailed labour provides us. Microscopic attention to nuts and bolts allows the Space Shuttle to leave the earth’s atmosphere and traverse outer space. It takes a lot of little things to make one momentous thing manifest. Attention to the small also creates freedom.


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