North Node in 12th House

The universe is encouraging you to play up your North node sign traits in these areas of life.

Consider the following: give of yourself without an underlying motivation of reward. Practice random acts of kindness… just because you can.

Discover that it’s possible to be alone and not feel lonely. This happens when one realizes their connection to the Infinite Mind, also described as the Creator, the Universal Will, or a Higher Power.

This is a lifetime to learn the value of working behind the scenes in some capacity. This means that outer recognition is not the aim this time around, even though that might happen naturally. Often this can take the form of connecting and working through large public institutions caring for those who must be secluded from society.

Whatever form the actual experiences take, this placement encourages the development of humility, compassion and spiritual awareness. (Source).

There is a need for the person to seek the peace and harmony of a more spiritual path to give their life meaning. They are more likely to succeed with the support of those that can act as spiritual guides and give the person a more sacred objectivity. (Source).

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