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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in Capricorn

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Capricorn Nakshatras

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“Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, expressing his feminine nature.  So, the reflective quality of Saturn is what Capricorn refers to.  Saturn is a planet of time in our determined efforts over time.  The awareness that we need to be safe and protected into the future comes from Saturn.  We not only need to eat food today, or need a place to sleep today.  We need a place to sleep and food to eat tomorrow and for the rest of our life.  This awareness comes from Saturn.  It’s also the awareness of the past and what has happened to us, and how we may hang onto the past and have it dominate our thinking in the present.

The enormity of time keeping us stuck or keeping us moving forward is the nature of Saturn and through Capricorn, we reflect upon this.  We seal it in our mind and heart.  The Capricorn is always a little bit scared of making mistakes, yet they are very calculating and rational about where they’re going and where that they must build something of importance.  Capricorn is an earth sign which is related to structure and materiality.  Saturn also rules the second house of wealth and resources from Capricorn.  So, a Capricorn person may be a little bit greedy at times.  They may also tend to see others through this material bent.  They want everything to be useful and practical and Rational, and may also look at people in their lives as Commodities.  So, a Capricorn person must be careful about now looking at others in a materialistic way, once they say “your my partner”, or “you are my child” or “you are my employee”, then, they have a stake in your outcome and this can create a certain amount of domination, fear and control.

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“Capricorn is a movable earth sign governed by Saturn, one of the most feared planets in astrology. Saturn is an airy planet and it shares an inimical relation with Sun, which is a fiery planet. Saturn doesn’t necessarily produces malefic results only. it is known to delay not deny what you want in life.

Capricorn born natives are usually serious, reserved and cautious in nature but Sun on the other hand relates to bold, flashy, candid and carefree disposition. The watery element of Capricorn diffuses the fiery energy of Sun to some extent so people born with Sun in Capricorn stick to the attributes of their Moon sign a lot. These natives are thoughtful and serious. There is a strong sense of responsibility and dedication in these natives.

Patience is their biggest virtue, which helps them fight off the adversities of life. These natives work hard in life but either, they do not get the desired results or it takes a lot of time for them to realize their ambitions.  There is a chance that the native may indulge in politics or social work too. These people continue to learn throughout their life, no matter what’s their age. They take their profession or business very seriously and have a sincere approach towards work. They like to work in the background like a director than take the limelight like an actor. They are quite loyal and trustworthy people and require the same level of faithfulness in return from their subordinates as well as in personal life.”

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“Capricorn, you are extremely practical and resourceful and are very wise, often mature beyond your years. If there were to be a mantra that represents you it would be, “I economize.” You are an expert at using time well, and may be a meticulous planner. You have your own way of doing things Capricorn, and you can be stubborn when it comes to your methods and decisions. At the same time Capricorn you don’t make decisions lightly, and you can be sure that you have thought every factor through. Your methods too are refined, and when this is combined with your immense drive, patience, and aggressive ambition, you are bound for success.

You are a hardworking sign Capricorn, and often your life is centered around your well planned goals. You are also extremely disciplined, and your attention for quality means you usually prefer to get the job done yourself. Capricorn, this can also be your downfall, and you set extremely high standards for yourself, which are often unattainable. Even if you obtain them you will set higher definitions, and will never be satisfied. You can also come across as being self-centered, and should aim for a balanced life outside of work. Power, status, and social standing may be important to you Capricorn, and you do have a love for money.

Your meticulous and almost pre-planned and practiced approach to life sure does get you places Capricorn, but other people can see this as being cold and emotionally detached. Deep down of course you experience emotions like everyone else, but you are unlikely to show it, even to those close to you, apart from perhaps in the occasional moody outburst. Apart from this you make very good company, and can be witty and talkative, though Capricorn can be a little shy. You are more likely to come into yourself later on in life, perhaps towards the 30 year mark, as Saturn sets a slow and steady pace to your fruitful development. Despite this Capricorn, your wisdom and maturity however, are present from an early age.”

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“Capricorn traits in male dominate their being. They are known to build a wall around themselves and allow very few people inside. This is because they are very conservative and always believe in actions more than words. Protecting their emotions is their priority because they remain practical in every aspect of their life.

Capricorn man will never fall for a shallow individual. They stay away from materialistic things and people in general. They are deep personalities and look for something having the same value. More weightage is given to character and intelligence while they are searching for someone to spend their time with. Due to their high work ethics and hard-working nature, they prove to be the best leaders. They are always motivated to work better and reach extremes.

They can sometimes act very stubborn and pessimistic. But that is mostly because they take their time with people. If they are in a comfort zone around a group, they can show their fun-loving side too. But they are not very eager to show it, they take time to open up.”

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“Materialistic things will not impress a Capricorn Woman.

She is the powerhouse of the zodiac, scaling every mountain and crossing every sea. Her high ambition and inner drive often leave everyone else in the dust. Beware, though, of those fragile eyes, as she will throw something out of the way to make her date with fate. Sincere, oriented, and hard-working, it’s nice when a Capricorn can let loose a bit and find time to have fun, even though her trips and holidays are planned carefully in advance.”

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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in Capricorn

Sun in Capricorn

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