Ketu in Gemini – South Node in Gemini (3)

Ketu in Gemini – South Node in Gemini:

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We have a tendency to fall back on the intellect with the South Node in Gemini, and perhaps spend inordinate time involved with siblings or others in the immediate neighbourhood. This can be draining and divert us from accomplishing our goals. Community involvement is indicated, sometimes at the sacrifice of our well-being. We may have experienced difficulties in finishing our education. We do have independence of thought which can support independent study programs, but running helter skelter in order to collect information for its own sake doesn’t help us reach permanence.

Mutable Gemini has an on again off again quality that leads us to taking circuitous paths. The start-this-stop-that syndrome may be so pronounced that nothing gets finished. Trouble with nosy neighbours and gossip could also be a problem. (Source).

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