Ketu in Virgo – South Node in Virgo (6)

Ketu in Virgo – South Node in Virgo:

Ketu in Virgo - South Node in Virgo Free Sidereal Astrology Vedic Jyotish Zodiac Star Signs Constellations

We have an instinctive relationship with our body and a drive to learn more about it for healthy functioning. The desire to serve is strong. It can indicate many job changes or changes in working conditions. The drive for efficient functioning and perfect work can lead to stress disorders centered in the stomach or intestines. Neptune with the South Node in Virgo can indicate the hypochondriac who feels under a malaise not easy to diagnose. Perhaps immune deficiency disorders such as Epstein Barr are eventually diagnosed if stress is not counteracted with sufficient time in restful activities such as meditation, nature walks, and extra sleep. Drive to serve and accomplish, we can overdo our commitment to excellence by ignoring the soul’s call for compassionate release. (Source).

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