Rahu in Leo – North Node in Leo

Here is where we learn to use our heart and become attached soulfully to another. We learn to love passionately, to enjoy courtship rituals, and to enjoy the limelight of romance. North Node in Leo is about opening the heart and letting Leo’s Sun ruler cast its light on the creative manifestations of love. It could be the creation of a child or a symbolic birthing of a painting, poem, or sculpture. Dropping self-consciousness and cultivating spontaneity takes some work. If we come from a restrictive family where play was not encouraged, results may be slow in coming. Pressing at the North Node requires diligence and can mean working up to the courage needed to experiment with bolder demonstrations of affection. If there is insecurity around creation in any of its forms (especially if Saturn is in Leo) we may be called to explore any number of different outlets for creativity until we find one that feels the most natural.


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