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“Sagittarius is the Sign expressing the masculine nature of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, hope, wealth and all sort of growth. Through Sagittarius, Jupiter expresses himself into the world. You will notice a Sagittarius person because they’re often optimistic, perhaps even cheerful, in spite of difficulty. They tend to focus on the larger picture, on the larger meaning and on things that are bigger than just what makes them happy (or sad) in the moment. However, many times a Sagittarius person will miss the moment entirely because they are preoccupied with some big idea or big hope that is disconnected from the moment.

Many times, due to the nature of Jupiter, they try to rise above a situation, in their heart and mind, as a way to avoid facing it. Sometimes years after a difficult situation has existed, a Sagittarius gets a rude awakening when someone leaves them or some situation that has been in disrepair suddenly fails. Even though the Sagittarius may have known this the entire time, they choose to look at the bigger picture, look at the bright side, and explain the difficulty away with some philosophy. Of course, they may also do this with people in real time. Rather than deal with the unpleasant emotions and the drudgery of working through difficulties with people, a Sagittarian will often explain it away with their big philosophy, a sort of laissez faire attitude that dismisses the other person as “just not understanding” the real picture or the bigger picture.”

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“Sagittarius is a dual fire sign ruled by Jupiter, which shares a friendly relationship with Sun. The person having Sun in Sagittarius is a god fearing and peace-loving soul, endowed with the art of eloquence in speech. Such a native is likely to be a learned individual, an honorable and compassionate person with a lot of wisdom and intelligence. Sun in this position also gives a never-dying hunger for knowledge. These people do well in fields such as law, administration and banking. People with Sun in Sagittarius are trustworthy and justice-loving people. They are honest and straightforward, do not sugarcoat and talk to the point.

These natives understand the difference between living and existing. They are freedom-loving individuals with a love for the outdoors. Often times, these natives are fond of a sport or two. These natives earn a lot of wealth in life, and live like a king. Their physique also contributes to the royal radiance that their personality has. They are of a broad stature and a beautiful body. They also tend to be famous among their social sphere. They are of a supportive nature, like to lend a helping hand to their relatives and friends. After marriage, natives with Sun in Sagittarius tend to have sons.”

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“Sagittarius, you have a highly contagious positive outlook on life, and an enthusiasm that makes you a joy to be around. Truth be told you are very optimistic, and why wouldn’t you be, given your luck? You always seem to land on your feet, and can be in the right place at the right time. It is almost like you are guided Sagittarius, by luck itself. This can make you something of a risk taker, and you love to seek new environments and new ideas. As a result you may travel, and you love the great outdoors, where you can enjoy physical activities.

Philosophy is highly attractive to you Sagittarius, and you love to wrap your intelligent and expansive mind around social, political, spiritual, and mysterious ideas and concepts. You love to learn. You are ambitious too, and the arrow points high to the sky, though sometimes your goals are too far from your vision. You are powerfully independent, and love your freedom. No one or thing should come between you and your liberty Sagittarius, and you can be scared of commitment for that reason. That doesn’t mean you don’t like to get close to people, and you form strong friendships. People tend to be attracted to your positivity, wit, and interesting conversation.

You are straight forward Sagittarius, you are who you are, and you say how you feel. You like this about yourself and you expect the same from others, but this can sometimes make you a little tactless, and you can offend easily. You can also be careless Sagittarius, and even reckless as you jump at new experiences, without weighing up the consequences. You also have a tendency to be impatient and restless, so make sure you burn off that energy with exercise. You tend to experience emotions in something if a detached manner, moving on easily. This is balanced by one of your most profound and well loved traits; your big warm heart.”

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“Sagittarius characteristics in men make them clear thinkers and highly logical people. They are very social and have a huge group of friends. Sagittarius men are full of confidence and are highly optimistic. They always try to be in control of things. They crave to fall in love but only take chances when they are fully sure about things and the person.

They are always deeply involved in every aspect of their lives. Being a fire sign they need a lot of space and don’t like clingy people. They are highly imaginative and use the same quality when they are with their friends and family to show their affection. They can be easily trusted for the longer runs because they value bonds.

Sagittarius male traits include humanity oriented activities. They need continuous motivation to do things for the greater good. They are always willing to help. They are very dedicated and straight forward people. Sagittarius man is never short of friends as they are very fun-loving personalities.”

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“A Sagittarian Woman loves to be free.

Energetic and enthusiastic about life, falling under the influence of the Sagittarius woman ruled by Jupiter is simple. Her smile is irresistible, and her elegant, hyper-authentic authenticity and confidence will make you fall for her fast. The fact is, she’s always everyone’s best friend and maybe the greatest girlfriend of many people. Her lovers will not stop to pine for her even after effortlessly trotting away in search of better chances. She never lingers in one place for too long.”

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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius

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