What will you need from your spouse? Planets as DaraKaraka (7 indepth videos)

What Does Each of Your Planets Represent? (Quick Jaimini Karakas) DaraKaraka dara karka dharakaraka dhara karaka

This is a series of videos on the individual placement of Dara Karaka in Jaimini positions.

This affects what you need from your spouse and the kind of person they are, in terms of how they influence the weakest part of who you feel you are…

These videos by Kadambari are an excellent resource for learning what Darakaraka is and why it affects your spouse.

I found my video incredibly accurate and so assume you will too.

How to find out which planet is your Darakaraka: How to calculate Jaimini Karakas.

To answer another question that can be presented in these videos; Lords by Ascendant.








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