Sidereal Astrology Introduction

Why Astrology Is Important.

When the Sun sends off a solar flare… we feel it. Our whole planet heats up! As well as the rest of the solar system! Did you know that recently every planet in the solar system as far out as Pluto has been heating up? It isn’t just Earth.

Great Global Warming Swindle

We all know that the Moon dictates the tides for the whole planet and people stipulate that it also affects us, “people go crazy when it’s a full moon,” because we are also made out of a huge percentage of water.

The Journal of Psychology: The Effects of the Full Moon on Human Behavior

When a star implodes to cause a black hole – anywhere in our solar system – we feel it. However minimally it may actually influence us, scientists still calculate that the energy will always reach earth. Don’t you think that the other planets may also do something to you? When the planets get closer to Earth they affect us more. Or when we align with them at birth they affect us more or less strongly depending on how far or close they are to us.

Solar Activity and Earth’s Climate

There are two systems in astrology and the systems have a 23 degree difference. This is nearly a whole sign change. The system used in this doc/on this website is currently most well known in India and they call it Vedic Astrology. They use it for a lot of their important life decisions such as marriage and you can get a bachelor in this kind of astrology at their universities. So this system is much more internationally recognized as accurate. (So please do not disrespect them/scientific accuracy by claiming the system you know is better :-))… just see what you think. You don’t have to tell anyone you believe in astrology but I just want people to call themselves the right star sign. I don’t like seeing people being lead down the garden path (least of all myself)).

DNA and Astrology (Is DNA affected by Cosmic Rays of the Planets)

It is extremely important to actually use the correct constellation but I understand that people need different amounts of time to take in new information. This is years of research for me, and it took me a long time to accept it myself but as I’ve done a research into the differences in systems I cannot go back to something that is very wrong. All links are provided in each section below to cross-reference with your old signs if you wish to.

Western Astrology vs Vedic Astrology (Mathematical and Scientific Explanation)

Why You Should Trust Sidereal Astrology, Over the Roman’s Tropical Astrology…

The people who use the sidereal system include Indians (country), Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Arabians, Mayans, Persians, Greeks, Chinese, Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals. Those who use Tropical were the ones conquered by Rome.

Sidereal System Explained

Ptolemy designed the Tropical system in Egypt, between 90 and 168 AD, whilst it was under Roman rule. During the time he designed this new system the Roman worldview was that all the planet’s movements are circular and not elliptical. This was the belief that the stars move around earth rather than with the galaxy and that the planets went around earth. His Ptolemaic system was used for 1500 years. We now all know that the sun and stars don’t move around the Earth, shouldn’t you try use an astrology system that actually knows this information? Most ancient societies knew that this was wrong. Flat out. They watched the Milky Way over long periods of time and realized that the galaxy was moving in a different way than we were moving around the sun and designed a system accordingly.

Geocentric Model, The Time of Ptolemy by Lao Xu Jin and Ptolemy: A Re-examination of His Influence on Modern Astrology By William D. Tallman

His astrological design also doesn’t take into account the precession of the equinox which is the Earth’s wobble and gradual movement over time. So the North Pole is seen to ‘point’ towards a constellation. Over large periods of time we shift slowly towards pointing at another. And this slow movement alters the system about 1.4° every century. Tropical astrology was accurate for only a very short while. It takes approximately 26,000 years to go through the whole zodiac :).

Axial precession (precession of the equinoxes)

The splitting of the occupations of astrology and astronomy also affected this because Western astrologers couldn’t know the difference as they can’t judge the right calculations personally. This has made astrology less credible in the west due to the inability to make proper predictions due to the errors in their system. Many famous western astrologers have changed back to the traditional sidereal system and so I provided a few links about them. There are hundreds of thousands of sidereal astrologers though.

Cyril Fagan, Roy C. Firebrace, Donald A Bradley and other Sidereal Astrologers.

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