Chiron in 10th House

Chiron in 10th House

I don’t know it all when it comes to my place in life. I feel acutely sensitive about my reputation and my level of achievement. I can become profoundly wise by finding my true vocation. I release myself from pain when I accept my place in society as it is. I reconnect with people when I realize that others experience the same problems that I do.

Chiron is associated with the emotional wounds we receive early on in our lives. The sign Chiron is in will dominate but the house placing will show in which area the personality is motivated and into which they will put their efforts. In the tenth house, it may indicate a strong desire to prove your self-worth because of childhood rejection. Your need for status may become obsessive, and your good leadership quality needs to be controlled. Improving the lot of others, close to you, is admirable but not if it brings you down. It will only make you feel resentful and bitter. Try to accept yourself as you are.

Chiron in the 10th house affects career and status of the individual. This placement will place a certain amount of stress on your career or on the fact that you do not have one. This stress can result in a lot of tensions relationship wise especially if you have an impatient, close minded partner. This strain can either be a small tear or complete rip on the fabric of your relationship. Careers are after all looked at with respect and the lack of one is always seen as a sign of weakness or irresponsibility. But a supportive, open minded partner will help you to get through this difficult stage. This stage can be a very sensitive area for most as it deals with one’s career. An unemployed person will always be looked at differently by people. This may make the individual going through this stage very discouraged. Support and love can help to prevent such feelings from arising.

Chiron in the 10th house will affect those with a career as well. No matter what kind of a career one has or how successful it is, they will also feel like they serve others around them more than themselves. Individuals in the workplace will find themselves better at helping others succeed in getting satisfaction from their careers whereas they themselves don’t. You will have to find the element that you find lacking in your life and bring it towards you to heal yourselves.

Apart from career, some having the Chiron in the 10th house may also experience problems in the status of an individual in society. There might be a need to prove themselves to others. Such a need often rises in individuals due to parents who were disappointed and non-supportive of them in their childhood. Even if one’s parents pass away, he/she will still feel the need to prove their elf worth. If these individuals do not try to solve this problem, they will go on to live a life filled with problems and feelings of inadequacies.

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