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“When Sun is to be found in eighth house of a horoscope, the chart holder usually has a short lifespan. Nevertheless, preventive measures can help in this regard. Such people should guard their heart as heart failure is one of the most prevalent complications among natives having Sun in 8th house. People having this placement often benefit from inheritance. This position also gives the capability to handle money wisely.”

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“Sun, being a planet of light, is able to guide a person out of the darkest periods and events, which are signified by the 8th house.

Moreover, the considered combination promotes spiritual advancement as well by experiencing and overcoming difficult periods in life, which ultimately increase strength, durability, and wisdom.

Spiritual advancement is further supported by the matter of fact that the planet Sun is the universal significator of soul and vitality.

Additionally, the likelihood of spiritual advancement can be measured by the condition of the Sun in the 8th house and the lord of the 8th house. Therefore, if the Sun and 8th house lord are strong and well-placed, it indicates the gain of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment of the soul.

However, the natural effect and meaning of the 8th house (house of difficulties or Dushtana Bhava) will always be there regardless of the strength of Sun and 8th lord. Upheavals and hardships in life motivate and initiate the interest to discover the meaning of life and soul.

Ultimately, the overcoming of hard events in life, which are caused by malefic houses such as the 8th house increases strength, wisdom, and courage. That is by bringing out and challenging the most vulnerable aspects of mind, body, and soul.”

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“The individual with the Sun in the 8th house tends to live a life characterised by drama, intensity and crisis. They crave intense experiences and are attracted to aspects of life that are hidden, unfathomable and taboo. Part of their meaning and journey in life involves developing the inner faith and confidence to explore those darker aspects of life which are so integral to their sense of fulfilment. Shining a light on the dimensions of human emotion which seem at first to appear basic and destructive. Faith in their own path transforms them, but sometimes they hide their interests or inclinations, except from those who they know intimately. Those with the Sun in this position need to seek out powerful partnerships and their emotional nature is sensitive to conflict, and opens them up to a deeper experience of life.

Those with the Sun in the 8th house may have an interest in the occult, psychology, psychotherapy, investments, research, and social power. Naturally, there is an instinctual awareness of the resources available from others and some work in banking, and areas that involve other people’s money and inheritance. The life may involve difficult tests in love, loss, death, power-struggles and social isolation. The individual has an inner urge to continually go farther or deeper.

I have observed several interesting things about people with the Sun in the 8th house. In one sense, we might interpret this placement as a statement that the individual needs to make a relationship with the hidden world, the unconscious, in order to fulfil himself or herself. The destiny or purpose of life – which I think is very bound up with the Sun’s house placement – here lies in bringing light to the dark world of the Other within himself.” By Liz Greene, The Development of the Personality.

“Those with the Sun in the 8th house have a deep vulnerability and craving for committed bonds. Self-expression through committed partnership is central in their lives, and they don’t merely interact with other people, they merge with them. The 8th house operates below the level of consciousness, and ego-death or drastic change often involves an irrevocable fate where some part of individual ‘dies’ so that new life can grow in its place.

Planets in the 8th house tend to express themselves as though they were demonic forces erupting from a hidden realm. Physical death, as the outcome may sometimes occur. Equally, other types of deaths may ensue. Planets in the 8th house, because they emerge from unknown levels of the psyche, often shatter existing situations and provoke great anxiety and distress.” Liz Greene, The Astrological Neptune and quest for redemption.

Furthermore, the 8th house indicates our ability to delve deep under the surface of life and create something new. Self-development for 8th house people involves working in close relationships with others, and they have powerful ‘psychic’ ties with the hidden realms, for instance, shining a light on issues such as loss, bereavement, death and abuse. According to Jungian astrology, the watery houses all have a relationship to family inheritance and all the issues of childhood that have never come into consciousness, and the individual has to bring light on to the unconscious energies of the past which have been suppressed by the parents.”

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Sun in 8th House

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