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“Sun is posited in the first house in a horoscope, it endows the native with vitality and positive energy. Such a native is cheerful & joyous and possesses a radiant charisma. With a sound health and a stout physical constitution, such a person lead a trouble-free childhood. The classical scripture, Phaldeepika written by Mantreshwara says that people having Sun in 1st house have scanty hair. They are reckless and of hot disposition, but a little lazy at the same time, quite like a lion. Sun also represents social image and status Sun in the 1st house makes the person earn respect from others and have a high esteem and position in the society.”

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“Sun is the king of planets which signifies leadership, royalty, and authority. At the same time, the 1st house is a natural domain of enterprising 1st zodiac sign Aries.

Accordingly, the positioning of the Sun in this astrological domain produces a very authoritative and enterprising person.

They have the vitality, willpower, and courage to take initiative and charge in any situation. They have a natural desire to be in charge which sooner or later leads them to achieve leading positions in their activities.

It is important to keep in mind that a dignified Sun, which is in its own sign, exalted, or in friendly sign, the leadership qualities benefit them and their surroundings. That is because a dignified Sun enables these natives to harness leadership skills more effectively.

More importantly, a dignified Sun indicates that their ego is in control and their sense of righteousness allows them to guide people justly with pious intentions in their minds.”

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“Any person with Sun in the 1st house strives towards inner authenticity and they should never submerge their individuality to please others. This placement suggests there is a strong determination to choose one’s own course in life, and the energy of the Sun, needs to radiate out of the personality.

Others tend to follow their lead and the ego expresses itself in a dynamic, confident and warm way. According to Astrologer, Howard Sasportas, these people are meant to influence and catch the attention of others and should meet life with the determination to make something of themselves. Rather than relying on family background they need to forge their own ‘place in the sun’.

However, if there are challenging aspects to the Sun in the 1st house this often describes some difficulty in expressing their personal identity, individuality and confidence. If the Sun receives difficult aspects to Saturn or Pluto, these people are extremely self-conscious about standing out, but self-expression is an important aspect of their life that needs to be developed. Those with Sun in the first house often learn best through their own experiences. The Sun is accidentally exalted in the house of Aries, and so there also the drive to be first, win, compete and rise above their station in life.

Quite often they need to be in control of their own life, and they can be self-involved and immersed in their own activities. The first house of the natal chart relates to our self-image and it also describes how we are perceived by others. Furthermore, it represents the lens which we view the world through, and any planet placed here rules our ‘personal outlook’ on life.

Liz Greene says, “The first house is the most unformed part of the birth chart and is in a process of becoming.” Therefore the first house is symbolic of new beginnings and so the individual is good at starting and initiating projects. TheAscendant is the front door of the chart, and so it’s extremely difficult to hide planets in the first house. Early experiences of always being “on show” may occur, and some individuals born with the Sun in the 1st house hate the spotlight for that reason.

Often the individual will have felt a special sense of purpose and destiny, hence the strong urge for self-discovery, self-integration and self-actualization. The closer the Sun is to the ascendant the more powerful the sign traits appear in the personality and the stronger the impression on others. Those with Sun in the 1st house are developing a strong sense of self, leadership skills and powerful self-awareness.”

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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in 1st House

Sun in 1st House

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