Ketu in Pisces – South Node in Pisces (12)

Ketu in Pisces – South Node in Pisces:

Ketu in Pisces - South Node in Pisces Free Sidereal Astrology Vedic Jyotish Zodiac Star Signs Constellations

We feel a drive to seek seclusion. To avoid the hustle bustle of crude reality. If taken to the extreme, we might find ourselves unable to open the doors and mingle gently with others. Privacy is not isolation, and the tendency to retreat is strong with the South Node in Pisces. We may have hidden talents which need exploring such as the ability to be a compassionate hospice worker or supportive aide for those who are mentally ill.

We need to beware of impulse to sacrifice ourselves for others when giving to that extent would surely cause us harm. A better use of the sacrificial energy would be to thrust it forward by getting training in the healing arts. Clear distinctions need to be made between working as a healer by day with the ability to hang up that hat and enjoy replenishment of self by night. (Source).

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