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How Astrology Dasha Time Periods Work:

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So think of your Aura as like your system of life.

Each Planet affecting a different pulsation that you move through understanding.

So you may go through a cycle of Venus in which your Green Auric Field/Chakra is in charge and you literally become that field of you during that transit, ie, it pulses the strongest. All other fields are still there, but the strongest pulsing is why the energy that is receptive to that field comes into your reality to teach the lessons.

Planets Pulse Free Sidereal Astrology How Astrology Dasha Time Periods Work

Think of the chakra in terms of the above image, when it gets “put in charge” for a Dasha cycle it starts to pulse out huge waves of energy like this, and when it hits another person that person absorbs the energy and begins to facilitate helping that Planet to help give you your life lessons, good or bad. Its your life, these things are just automated processing.

Like the code of the Matrix.

This is the code.

The number/size of the planet allows what they help with, because think about it, the big guy at top is going to be closer to who you believe yourself to be like, ie, Mars would make the person see their manliness, sex drive or aggression as an important part of their life whereas Venus as the biggest planet would make a person think their entertainment, beauty and luxuries as a strong part of their personality.

But it goes down in numbers because your energy has to travel through the others, ie, they come out through the strongest chakra/planet. So they become less important, not in a bad way or anything, its meant to be like that for survival, like if you felt your career was more important than yourself you might kill yourself to get a job, ie, it would drive your body insane :)

But regardless,

So these other calls, such as the call of Marriage, becomes a huge pulse (even though its your smallest planet) when it moves into its Dasha/Maha Dasha cycle :) The little planet starts pulsing and regardless of the number, the other planets facilitate the pulse as the most important thing. Like the others don’t just stop spinning or working, they just put the Pulse First.

So think of your Dasha Cycle as your Pulse for its Mini (MahaDasha) or Big (Dasha) Cycle :).

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