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“The position of Sun in 12th house indicates that the native may have to suffer an obscure and dark time for some part of life. Nevertheless, if the aspects, conjunction and other factors are favourable, the native will have the ability to sidestep troubles, tackle challenges and rise up despite the odds. Otherwise, the native may lurch in the sea of trouble. Such people may have strong inclination towards occult sciences, intuition, and psychic phenomena. You would find that most people having Sun in 12th house exhibit eccentric tastes and tendencies.”

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“Sun is considered as Sattvic planet which means that it carries highly spiritual energies that are felt from the soul.

Hence, its settlement in the 12th house indicates having a sensitive soul which is capable of feeling the hidden energies that are impossible to register with eyesight.

The 12th house is also about creativity, visualizing, and manifestation. Through manifestation or aligning their subconscious mind, they slowly but surely lead their actions towards attaining a spiritually fulfilling life.

When also considering the fact that the Sun is also a planet of creativity as being a natural ruler of the 5th zodiac sign Leo (which signifies creativity), the positioning of the Sun in the 12th house amplifies the creativity manyfold.

As a result, their power of imagination also increases which helps them to visualize the life they aspire to attain.

If Sun is in good dignity in this house, it indicates that they are able to manifest their desires into reality using their powerful creativity which is empowered by the vitality of the Sun.

After visualizing, they subconsciously start putting the vitality of their soul into necessary action and start taking steps towards the fulfillment of their aspirations.”

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“A person with the Sun in 12th house has deep receptivity to the sensitive and watery world of collective dreams, longings and yearnings. The creative urge to be an individual is coloured by the larger collective, and they will only find real fulfilment through by journeying into the unseen and invisible dimensions of life. The twelfth house is one of the most inaccessible houses and has associations with the collective unconscious, the past and the whole of psychic history and content of previous generations. Many things in the past – particularly in the family past – have affected them and hold them in a state of confusion and misunderstandings, although they may not be fully conscious of these feelings they hold inside of them. At some point in their lives they may wish to explore the dynamic of “family karma”, to understand what gifts and talents lay unexpressed in their psychic history and which holds the key to their own sense of meaning and purpose in life.

The very things it represents are hidden, illusory and not easily grasped. The twelfth house represents the dissolution of all boundaries, attempting to achieve a oneness with the whole of life itself. They have often has felt an emotional sense of obligation and debt to the past, in other words, there is unfinished business. A light shines upon what is hidden, discarded, ignored and undeveloped. The Sun placed in a universal house cannot live solely for itself, and there is always a much larger collective need that lies behind individual expression. Therefore, the person is a highly sensitive vessel and mediator for society, and they possess an innate connection with the deeper and larger ocean of the collective unconscious and all that it contains, and life will only have meaning they can express these sensitive longings and poetic soul into something creative, and they are a medium for the whole creative backdrop of life, mystical longing, and aspiration.

The twelfth house rules places that are hidden and secluded like institutions, monasteries, asylums and prisons. Frequently there is a sense of isolation and blocked self-expression, and the individual is often forced to turn inward and reconnect to the imaginable realm, and to sense that something greater is at work. They tend to get involved with the helping professions or in activities where their efforts are hidden, behind the scenes, or unknown to the public.

Part of the solar mission involves some kind of sacrifice and the path of development often involves healing and self-acceptance, which involves privacy, seclusion and silence. There may be artistic and creative talents present, and it is necessary to have “time” out to reflect on their dreams, feelings and fantasies. Dance, music and art may be specific areas of interest, and there is a latent psychic and mediumistic ability which may need to be developed further.

A twelfth house Sun sometimes feel overlooked and this can create self-doubt and poor self-esteem. Planetary energy in this house feels weakened, unacknowledged and unseen. The person does not feel deserving of praise, attention or acknowledgement. Asserting themselves or getting up in front of an audience may be exceedingly uncomfortable for them.

The Sun in the 12th house feels invisible at times, and may live out part of their lives in secret. With such deep understanding and compassion, charitable work, social work, and helping the underprivileged is a good vocational choice. Twelfth house Suns are a beacon of light for people who feel neglected, unwanted and unloved in society.

The twelfth house dissolves, disintegrates and falls into the unconscious, and the waters are difficult to navigate. These types have enormous psychic sensitivity and some may try to numb this powerful feeling with alcohol and drugs. Addictive substances are an attempt to reconnect to the unseen world. A powerful sense of service to others leads them into the healing fields. Therapy, medicine, hypnosis, creative visualisations, occult studies, music or painting are all areas that the individual may be drawn to.

This person is a light for those in society who feel weak, shut out, rejected, lost and confused. The work they do behind the scenes may not be visible to everyone, but as long as they develop self-esteem and contribute something towards the collective, they feel fulfilled in spheres that allow them to translate their inner world into an artistic, political, scientific, or humanitarian contribution.

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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in 12th House

Sun in 12th House

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