Ascendant in Gemini (3) / Descendant in Sagittarius (9)

Ascendant in Gemini / Descendant in Sagittarius:

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When young, you may not have found it easy to approach the opposite sex.

exchange is necessary for you, but you may consider your partner’s opinions are not always in accordance with your own. You like to know how your relationship works, and why? You like to have a dialogue about what is going on in your relationships because they are always changing, and you are learning through relationships. You use your intellect and reason when you face relationship problems, but with your own freedom in mind. You put a lot of thought into resolving relationship problems because you understand the importance of words (you can never take them back). You like to communicate with open-minded and mentally stimulating people, but you can be dogmatic in your opinions and communications; this can lead to intellectual debate and disagreement. Your nature is to sort out problems through gaining as much information as you can in order to reach intelligent conclusions. However, too much intellectual debate can erode deeper feelings in close relationships, and love can become jaded. Sexual areas in relationships can be dominated through the intellectual meeting of minds rather than the physical spontaneity of sexuality. You can shift too far from physical expression and lose the depth of the relationship. You treat all people as equal and you give credit where credit is due. You tend to judge situations and give your opinion spontaneously, which can lead to detailed debates and arguments over technical points. You try not to play mind games, but when mind-games are being played then you will prove your point. When serious conflicts arise, you are open-minded and you will listen to what others have to say in order to gain knowledge and deal with the situation. You must look beyond your own opinions and listen to the opinions of others, then you will have balanced and rewarding relationships. (Source).

Ascendant in Gemini / Descendant in Sagittarius:

Ascendant in Gemini / Descendant in Sagittarius:

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