All About Sidereal Astrology Sun

All About Sidereal Astrology Sun:

“The Father”

All About Sidereal Astrology Sun:


The Sun rules over what you Romance.

What your physical heart requires.

What you “love” in the form of romance and happiness.

So, its the part of your body that emits happiness.

It can only find these things when it is activated.

This can be through things in the external world or internal world that make you feel romantic with yourself and others.

Such as, in the external, if you see something that is ruled by the sign and house that your sun is placed, you will get a happiness kick. Even if its negative, that deep part of you will still be “in love” with the fact that it is seen.

Such as if you have your Sun in Aquarius, and you see a brilliant invention, do not feel guilty if you feel a sense of romance about the invention and it is negative, because you are romanticizing the concept of invention itself.

The right side of your brain and physical heart are linear, all they see is the part of them within that object. And they give you a “strength boost”.



Center of your world / the world

Acting (as Souls)

Romance (Soul/Sun/Left Side of Brain Connection)


Sunlight/ Sun Rays




Third Eye

All About Sidereal Astrology Sun


Indigo (Dark Blue)

Indigo (Dark Purple)

Vibrational Frequency

Note ‘A’

All About Sidereal Astrology Sun Third Eye Chakra


Federal Government




All About Sidereal Astrology Sun



Moon, Mars and Jupiter




Venus and Saturn

It’s Influence on it’s Signs

Activates other peoples souls, due to walking as the Sun.

So when a Leo looks at anyone, they activate a persons Soul, because the Sun is the Soul for everyone.

Example from Planets in Body and Chakra’s Reading:

 So everybody is auto-linked to the Third Eye but unless they are a Leo they arn’t auto born into the region. So this person above, will activate the Sacral Chakra, and therefore only activate the planets they – and people they connect with – have in that region.

Whereas a Leo with auto connect with everyone’s Sun.

Because they auto-activate the Third Eye, which naturally always links to all Suns, they automatically bring out peoples true nature :).

When person 1 connects with person 2, person 1’s Soul activates the Chakra that person 1’s Soul sits in person 2.

So for example person 1 has their Sun in Sagittarius, then person 1’s Sun will activate person 2’s Sacral Chakra.

So they excite any planets that person 2 has in the Sacral Chakra.

So this is how love occurs.

If person 2 has their Venus (heart) in Sagittarius, when they look at person 1 who has their Sun in Sagittarius, then the person 2 feels person 1’s Soul in the region and it auto-activates person 2’s Venus because its in the Sacral Chakra which is feeling the energy from person 1’s Sun.

Positional Strength








1st House, 9th House, and 10th House.


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