How to do an Aura Reading in Sidereal Astrology

How to do an Aura Reading in Sidereal Astrology:

So, basics: Your aura is based off your planet degrees.

An aura is a pulsation for your nerve clusters (western science)/ chakras (eastern science) or planets (astrological terminology), all these terms mean the same thing.

The chakra system can been viewed as a “seven-leveled philosophical model of the universe.” The seven chakras (Sanskrit for wheels or disks) are wheels of bio-energetic activity radiating from nerve ganglia (clusters) that start at the base of the spine and continue on to the crown of the head. Source.

How to do an Aura reading:

Size 1 to 7

Biggest Planet (from Sun to Saturn; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) = 1st Aura Field.

Smallest Planet = 7th Field.


So… The meaning is Jaimini.

In order from biggest to smallest degrees.

1st = Personality

2nd = Career

3rd = Gurus

4th = Home

5th = Children

6th = Obstacles

7th = Marriage


Planets and Chakras How Fast is Your Time?

Colours are based off the chakras/basic physics.

Sun and Moon: Indigo (dark blue/dark purple)

Mercury: Blue (light blue/cyan)

Venus: Green

Mars: Yellow

Jupiter: Orange

Saturn: RedRahu and Ketu: Smokey < exist within a chakra, rather than being in it. So… to include them in this auric field image, would make Rahu be moving around in the red line (aqu/10th/saturn/root), and Ketu be moving around in the indigo line (leo/4th/sun&moon/third eye).


Saturn = red/the lowest string of vibration/what you sit on, your bum/the planet of delay.

Sun and Moon = indigo/the fastest strong of vibration/right and left side of brain/the planet of mind and soul.

Chakra Colour Spectrum

So, as you look at the spectrum above, its exactly the colours used above. But as you can see, they “blend” into each other. No colour is “cut” specifically. Your colours blend, people like different variations of colour. And no variation of the colour are wrong. If a person likes a more “full blue” for the throat chakra, this is fine. Its just as it gets “darker” it is meant to represent the “void” of the third eye chakra. Like ur dipping into deep colour. Remember that you have many planets in many positions, and thought you might have Mars as your biggest auric field as yellow, you might be going through a Saturn Dasha Period and have red as your most impactual colour to you right now. Its not necessarily your “favourite colour” your auric field, its all of YOU. Not just your favourite bits ;).

(Also, the crown chakra is not included under planet rulership because of course, the crown chakra is a culmination. Its your link to the out-of-body sky chakras. Your “enlightened state of all”, to make it “one” part of you would never be possible. As its like 1000 petals :D.)


Wherever the planet is does not affect the colour, but affects the shape or personality of the line, presence.

Example, if you can imagine, if you had Mercury in Pisces this image would be what your Blue aura field would look like (as all around you), and as you projected it out as a form externally from your body ;).

Mercury in Pisces Projection Aura Free Sidereal Astrology Siren Watcher

Or, as an auric field of Saturn (red) in Leo (big cat)…

Saturn in Leo Projection Free Sidereal Astrology Siren Watcher

When each line is at most powerful

(first image is example).

So, if you have Mars as your biggest planet, and its in Pisces in the 11th House.

Then when you go through your Mars Dasha or Mahadasha, then your biggest aura field will pulse to bring its things into your life for you to learn.

If your smallest planet, is Mercury in Capricorn in the 9th House.

Then when you go through your Mercury Dasha or Mahadasha, then your smallest aura field will pulse to bring its things into your life for you to learn.

For more questions about pulsations.

Good Luck!

(c) Watcher, S, 2015. How to do an Aura Reading in Sidereal Astrology. www.freesiderealastrology, Australia.


References: My Story of Research (personally expressed).

Three separate people (one includes myself), noted that my aura was yellow and green.

Then I /facepalm myself something hard realising that this was exactly my astrological planets line.

That I could see yellow then green, and why other people randomly also said this

Was because they were seeing my two biggest planets pulsation.

The chakra/planet size literally correlates to which field of your aura that people step into first, that is felt or seen.

That you have your field of projection as the biggest planet, and your smallest projection as your smallest planet.

Now, don’t feel frustrated if you cant see your Aura.

Read the book The Celestine Prophecy for a first person guide of learning how to do it.

To be honest, took me years to do it; trying night after night for a couple of weeks after reading the chapter of this book, trying to do it with the first person account. And I wasn’t able to see past grey. I COULD see grey though, so that made me happy. I could see grey fuzziness, but not much else. At this time, my subconscious realised this was something I wanted for the long term.

You sit and breathe in and realise that you want it. And your body… reacts to this.

Over the next few years, i started seeing “dots” of colour, of ranging sizes. From big blotches, to little flashes of dots.

And then all of a sudden I could suddenly see my auric field. Looking at my legs one day, i saw yellow and green buzzing around my thighs like static, to the right and left. Getting up to look in the mirror and I could see it around me too.

But it comes and goes, because, if you saw it all the time. It would be distracting.

If you can take it all the time, emphasis on you being epic :D.

If you cant, and don’t want to, its all good.

The ones who do, can corroborate your epic colours for you :).

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