The Cycle of IT in Your Life

How the cycle of the zodiac expresses itself in everything. And where each parts of you exist on the spectrum.

Ie, if your Sun is in Scorpio, you have to wait 8 steps before your sun will get a boost when each new process begins.

IT can be a toy, a person, an idea, etc etc.

Aries: You have the energy to begin something. (1st)

You use energy. You begin. You awaken to It. You head to It.


Taurus: You decide that you like something. (2nd)

You start to love what your doing. You see the worth of it. You see its history. You see its beauty. You learn its needs.


Gemini: You talk about it. (3rd)

You start to communicate about it. You process it. It reaches a point of intelligence.


Cancer: You have empathy for it. (4th)

You really start to care about what your doing. Have a kind of unconditional love. See it as family. It starts to be ingrained into your memory and builds up a past image here.


Leo: You make it individual. (5th)

You create it. You individualize it. You make it a part of you. You romance it. You become loyal to it. You respect it. You are proud of it.


Virgo: You see all its details. (6th)

You see all the small details of it. You learn how to keep it healthy. You process its flaws. Acknowledge its perfections.


Libra: You come into harmony with it. (7th)

You pair with it. See it as something you love. And something that you want others to love too. You balance it.


Scorpio: You then see its duality. (8th)

You see both sides of it. The hidden aspects. The power it holds.


Sagittarius: You philosophize about it. (9th)

You wonder about it. You see its potential. You expand on it. You seek knowledge about it.


Capricorn: You stabilize it. (10th)

You make it grounded. You sit with it. You give it status in your life. It gains reputation.


Aquarius: You share it with your community. (11th)

You have ideas. You have theories about it. It can be replicated.


Pisces: You take it into the beyond. (12th)

You expand it. You complete it. You see its end. You complete it. You feel compassion for it. You move beyond it. You take it into a new IT.

… Aries: You have the energy to begin something. (1st)

The process begins again with the new IT.

This is the cycle of the ITs, in your life :).

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