Ketu in Scorpio – South Node in Scorpio (8)

Ketu in Scorpio – South Node in Scorpio:

Ketu in Scorpio - South Node in Scorpio Free Sidereal Astrology Jyotish Vedic Zodiac Star Signs Constellations

Intensity and secrecy, a pull towards sex and pride in our prowess are part of the South Node’s placement in house 8. We may also be overly concerned with our partner’s finances with the underlying agenda of wanting to be supported by them. There is a hunger for knowledge of life after death; deep psychology; and a desire for connection to cosmic wisdom. Interest in near death experiences, tantric yoga, and occult studies can either be used or abused.

The sexual experience takes on transformative and rejuvenate energies and obsession with a particular sex partner can lead to excesses. The need for intensity is great when the 8th house is strongly impacted by either the nodes or natal planets. Transits can open up desire for these experiences and can be somewhat frightening if we haven’t already had a backlog of experiences with Scorpionic themes. (Source).

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