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“Sun’s position in 11th house suggests that the native forms powerful connection with influential people in authority. Moreover, these friendships often render full support to the native in realizing ambitions and dreams that were otherwise impossible to fulfill. At times, they may also offer financial assistance too. Sun in 11th house gives strong inclination towards positions of group leadership and being a representative. Natives with this placement also have strong humanitarian tendencies. However, the key is to strike a chord between social and business interests.”

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“Sun, as the royal planet in the house of friends and communities, indicates being in contact and making friends with celebrities or authoritative/royal people.

This position also indicates favors and recognition from royal connections and people of high authority. The support from affluent friends is very helpful in the attainment of goals that are related to large-scale projects.

It equally means that people with this combination possess a small number of (close) friends, because of being selective, demanding, and careful about whom they interact with.

They gather trustworthy and loyal friends for working on a common and pious goal. The majority of their contacts are people with whom they prefer to work and share formal relations.

At the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that Sun should lose the selfish spotlight which includes detaching from the idea of being the best of all. This is important in order for Sun to function efficiently in this house.

In the house of large communities, rising above others does not work. When Sun blends in with large groups, setting others to the same level allows others to develop trust and affection which will help these natives to fulfill their desire to enlighten people.

This does not mean that such natives with this combination of Sun are left without recognition and fame. It is just that they should blend in with other people and treat them equally.

This enables the Sun to expand the warmth and radiant energy within these large groups of people by uniting them and this makes these natives bright and shiny personalities.

Sun as the planet of self-centeredness in the house of large communities and networks blesses with recognition and spotlight in these large assemblies.

Sun as the planet of fame and recognition in the considered house also provides with the shining brilliance of character which enables to enlighten and gain the attention of large groups of people by uniting them and drawing their attention to a specific collective goal.

It makes this combination of Sun in the 11th house especially splendid for building and managing any kind of large communities, networks, and projects.

Another great thing about this placement of Sun is that natives with this combination distribute their energy to the members of the community in order to motivate everyone instead of keeping the appraisal and center stage for themselves only.

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“A person with Sun in the 11th house has a distinct awareness of the connection with all human beings. Fulfilment comes through the development of friendships, group and Internet participation. Leading groups and classes, and being involved in community efforts, social activities, events or movements are areas where they really shine and express their creativity. They are socially concerned and aware people, and others matter on a broader and more humanitarian point of view. The Sun here believes in the rights of the others, and their vision of human nature is a positive one, full of potential and further growth.

Joining with future orientated people advocating social and cultural reforms, the individual creates social awareness and visionary solutions which help make human lives better. Such group endeavours include environmental causes, advocating human rights, political pursuits, scientific research and community welfare groups. They are interested in fostering growth or progress in society, whether in the educational, social, or humanitarian sphere. They combine working cooperatively with an ideology, Philanthropic philosophy, are striving towards a system that aims to help others on some level. The main concern for these people is that their objectives are reached and they often put forth original and innovative ideas to help move things forward.

The individual is sociable and they make friends easily with people from all walks of life, and they feel most at home when amongst a group of like-minded people. For these reasons their profession may be linked with working with groups of people, particularly one with a humanitarian cause.

Furthermore, the Sun in the 11th house gains a sense of self-awareness and individuality from being part of a group. Ordinarily, there is a strong association between friends and success and the individual shines best in the company of people who are on the same wave length. Teamwork makes it possible to achieve things much easier, by pulling together to achieve common goals and wishes for the future.

This Sun feels as if everything is bleak and pointless if there is no sense of contact with those who share a like-minded vision. The vision may not be as grand as total global transformation. It might be the development of a particular sphere of knowledge, or a particular artistic path. But whatever the Sun sign, there must be a sense of belonging to a larger community with whom one can get enthused, share ideas, and push things forward.” By Liz Greene.

The eleventh house traditionally represents our relationships to those in the group or organisation. As a rule, if the Sun receives generally positive aspects (Sextile and Trine) then their relationships with groups should run relatively cooperatively; if they are challenging (square, opposition) then more disputes may occur and friendships broken off.

Those with the Sun in the 11th house have a certain idealism, innovative approach and belief in people-power. Problems can arise when the individual over-identifies with a group. Usually though, they need to create a group and lead others towards some kind of shared goal. From an individual point of view, the 11th house represents man’s urge to identify himself with the collective, to contribute part of himself to the needs and aspirations of the group as a whole. The Sun in the 11th house have many hopes and visions of what they want to achieve in life, and inspire others with their ideas.”

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Free Sidereal Astrology - Sun in 11th House

Sun in 11th House

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