Ketu in Aquarius – South Node in Aquarius (11)

Ketu in Aquarius – South Node in Aquarius:

Ketu in Aquarius - South Node in Aquarius Free Sidereal Astrology Jyotish Vedic Zodiac Star Signs Constellations

Friendships, groups, and futuristic ideals for innovating personal relationships are matters of pressing concern with the South Node in Aquarius. We are usually friendly, open, outgoing and instinctively know what the group needs. Unusual meetings where friends suddenly become lovers are not uncommon experiences with the South Node here; however intimacy is a challenge because real day-to-day relationships bring problems that don’t comport with uranian detachment and Aquarian ideals of blissful equality.

The best use of the energy is to promote it in the political and social arena while maintaining a realistic view of where humanity is right now in its evolution. We can work for the future without denying the present by applying warmth and generosity of spirit to those we meet. (Source).

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